MrBeast faces backlash after teasing “awful” 100 day challenge with $500K prize

Eleni Thomas
MrBeast 100 day challenge headerTwitter: MrBeast

MrBeast is facing backlash online after teasing his next possible challenge and social experiment may involve two strangers isolating themselves in a room for 100 days in order to win 500K.

MrBeast is one of the world’s most popular and influential content creators. Throughout his career on social media, MrBeast has made a name for himself through the various intricate social experiments he creates and replicates.

One of his most popular videos still to date is when he created his own version of Squid Game. Now, however, MrBeast has teased what his next experiment might be, with the influencer taking to social media to outline a simple yet daunting scenario. 

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“Would you spend 100 days in this room with a random stranger for $500,000? (Door is unlocked, if one of you leaves before day 100 you both lose.)” While many have commented on the Twitter post saying that the challenge is easy, others have had a less positive response to the reveal.

Some have argued that they find the aesthetic of the room as well as the challenge itself to be akin to a type of “torture” for some people.

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“I’m pretty sure it’s actually a safety hazard not to see sunlight for 100 days bro” wrote one Twitter user. Another added, “Each video getting closer and closer to Hostel vibes. Can’t wait to sacrifice a limb for a Lamborghini.”

“What about safety?” Added another. “If that person is coming at you with a knife, I hope you can leave and not be penalized.”

Time will tell how the possible 100-day challenge plays out, if it goes ahead, and if MrBeast takes these criticisms into account. However, he has confirmed that “I’m about to run this experiment, let’s see how they do.”

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