MrBeast Burger grand opening floods mall with thousands of fans

Carver Fisher
Mr Beast Burger opening floods mall

MrBeast Burger has been doing very as a delivery-only restaurant. And now, with a physical location opening, thousands of fans have flocked to the grand opening.

MrBeast is a massive YouTuber, one of the largest on the platform. But he’s been doing more than just putting additional effort into his videos. MrBeast has gone as far as to create an entire restaurant chain.

The success of MrBeast Burger is unprecedented, even with the eatery being delivery-only. That is, until now. The brick-and-mortar location’s grand opening is already a meteoric hit.

MrBeast Burger fans fill an entire mall

The American Dream mall wasn’t ready for just how many MrBeast fans would show up to celebrate the grand opening of the very first physical location for this massive restaurant chain.

Right before opening time, MrBeast made a tweet telling fans that they might want to stay home and “maybe come tomorrow/later tonight”.

An hour later, MrBeast put out a video showing that his most dedicated fans were there for the long haul and ready to wait hours to get their hands on a burger.

Even more fans showed up after his warning, flooding the mall. While there were surely people there trying to shop elsewhere, it’s safe to say most of them were there for MrBeast.

Some people even showed up with cardboard signs to try and get MrBeast’s attention, turning this grand opening into a massive event. And, while MrBeast warned fans that they may have a hard time getting a meal, they showed up in droves anyway.

His initial estimation of 20,000+ people showing up doesn’t seem to have been too far off. Hopefully, there are enough burgers for everyone.