Mr Beast responds to YouTuber eating his face every day for $50k

Virginia Glaze

YouTuber Jimmy “Mr Beast” Donaldson has responded to another content creator who is eating a photo of the star’s face every day until he scores a $50,000 donation — but he, among other top names like Ninja, aren’t convinced just yet.

Mr Beast is touted for his remarkable generosity and over-the-top content, having opened free banks, free car dealerships, and even tipped a pizza delivery driver with an entire house in the past.

However, one fellow content creator is taking Mr Beast’s famous philanthropy to the next level by taking on an insane challenge in exchange for a whopping $50k donation.

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YouTuber Mr Beast is famous for giving away huge amounts of money in his videos – something another YouTuber is challenging with a long-running experiment.

YouTuber “Fifty K” has is eating a photo of Mr Beast’s face every day until the star notices and decides to gift him $50k — hearkening to the famous meme, “For $50k, I will stop.”

Fifty K’s entire YouTube channel is dedicated to this single purpose, with his latest video being the 464th day of his challenge — meaning the creator has eaten a photo of Mr Beast’s face 464 times at the time of writing.

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Thankfully, Fifty K’s insane undertaking has finally been noticed by Mr Beast, who posted a series of Tweets on the subject on May 13.

“This guy has eaten a picture of my face every single day for the last 464 days,” the star wrote. “Normal People: goes to college. This man: eats my face until he gets $50,000.”

Despite his impressive dedication to the challenge, Mr Beast wasn’t immediately keen on donating the amount, jokingly writing, “What if I pay him the $50,000 and he eats that as well? We gotta be careful.”

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Ultimately, the star opted to poll his own fanbase, asking if he should accede to the YouTuber’s demands and pay him the coveted $50k. Thus far, it seems that his viewers are overwhelmingly in favor of the donation — but Mr Beast knows from experience that this action could birth a monstrous trend.

“But if I pay him, I might inspire tons of you to eat pictures of me, and I genuinely don’t know if that’s what I want my legacy to become,” he joked. “Teenagers, eating pictures of me.”

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Even streaming star Tyler “Ninja” Blevins weighed in on the subject, seemingly worried about the YouTuber’s digestion after 464 days of eating ink-filled paper.

“Yes, It might pay for the stomach problems he might have developed,” he replied.

Still others were concerned that, should Mr Beast give in, it might set a dangerous precedent for fans to do outrageous things to get noticed by him — but so far, the donation has yet to be made, leaving fans waiting for a conclusion to the ridiculous affair.

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