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Mr Beast finally releases video he waited 5 years to upload

Published: 5/Oct/2020 15:20

by Georgina Smith


One of YouTube’s most popular creators, MrBeast, has released a video that he scheduled 5 years ago where he states his hopes for the future of his content career, warming the hearts of his many fans.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has established himself as a huge creator on YouTube. His high budget videos and generosity towards friends, fans, and strangers has won him an enormous subscriber base, and as more subscribers roll in he is able to invest in bigger and more extravagant projects.

He dishes out awards as big as $10,000 just for completing a challenge in Minecraft, and has given subscribers the choice between a house and a car as a gift.

Plus, he infamously bought an actual island worth around $700,00, allowing friends and fans to compete to win the insane prize.

Mr Beast in front of crate of money
Instagram: Mr Beast
Mr Beast’s challenges usually go crazy on YouTube.

But Jimmy has not always been the colossal YouTuber MrBeast as we know him today. He started posting videos way back in 2013 at the age of just 12. He certainly had big ideas even at a young age, and filmed and scheduled several videos to be released years in the future as a way to track his progress.

We’ve seen a 6 month, and a two-year update, but this most recent of the “Hi Me” series is by far the most long-awaited for Jimmy, who said on Twitter “I’ve waited 1,824 days to upload tomorrow’s video,” a whole 5 years.

In the video he says “at the time of recording this video I have 8,000 subscribers, and 1.8 million views. It’s currently October 4th 2015. I’m probably like a freaking grown man when you see this. I’m still in high school right now.”

At one particularly satisfying moment he declares, “if I don’t have a million subscribers when you see this video, my entire life has been a failure. I hope I have a million subs.”


It’s safe to say that Jimmy reached his ultimate goal, now with over 44 million subscribers on his main channel, and a further 8 million on his gaming channel.

He even expresses his hope that once he finishes college he’d “hopefully, maybe” be doing YouTube as his full-time job, a further testament to his dedicated mindset.

The video has certainly been a reminder to fans of how far MrBeast has come in a relatively short amount of time, and at the age of only 22, there’ll undoubtedly be much more to come from the much-loved YouTuber.


Jadeyanh reassures fans she is “okay” after live Twitch stalker scare

Published: 18/Jan/2021 3:58 Updated: 18/Jan/2021 4:24

by Isaac McIntyre


Jadeyanh has reassured her Twitch fans she is “okay” and her father is “still alive” after a stalker called her, threatened her dad’s life, and demanded she expose herself live on-stream during the streamer’s Jan. 17 broadcast.

The popular Just Chatting star, Jade-Anh ‘Jadeyanh’ Ngo, broke down in tears and ended her stream early after a shocking phone call from her stalker midway through the broadcast.

One viewer, who confirmed they were watching the stream live when the incident occurred, reported that “a stalker called her” using her father’s phone number. Once on the phone, they demanded she “show her breasts on Twitch,” or they would hurt her dad. She then “realized her father was fine, and called the police.”

Dexerto has sighted the now-deleted VOD to confirm details.

“I’m okay and my dad is still alive,” she tweeted soon after ending her stream.

Her father, Harvey Hung Ngo, also replied to the Twitter post. He confirmed he was still alive and “will be [for] a long time.” Jadeynah’s dad also said “my daughter is strong, and no one can blackmail her, you asshole. We will get you!”

Jadeyanh confirmed these details in a Twitter post soon after.

“While streaming my ‘Dad’ called me. When I picked up, a guy demanded that I must show my boobs on stream. He said if I refused, he will slit my dad’s throat who, according to him, was lying tied up on the floor,” she wrote.

“He kept calling me horrible things and even dropped my address in order to terrify me even more. I tried to reason with him. After I refused to show my boobs, because he wouldn’t let me speak to my dad, he said he killed him.”

Her father, however, was “fine, asleep” when this phone call occurred. One of Jadeyanh’s mods wrote in her chat that they had “contacted [her] uncle,” who then contacted her dad. After seeing this, Jadeyanh hung up and called the police.

The Twitch streamer — who spoke in German for the duration of the on-stream call — said she shared the details so there wouldn’t be “any misunderstandings.”

“On that note, thank you everyone who was there to comfort me. Special thank you to my mod, Creditz, for going above and beyond. I am truly blessed to have someone like you in my life,” she added in a follow-up tweet.

“I’m still under shock because I believed for a couple of seconds that I let my dad get murdered because I didn’t flash on stream. Everything feels numb.”

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Jadeyanh has had a run-in with a stalker on-stream. In November, the streamer was repetitively delivered pizzas and had a fake gas leak reported in her building. She begged the stalker to “please stop.”

It is unclear whether these two incidents were from the same person.

Another streaming superstar, Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter, also had a run-in with a stalker recently. She was forced to ask Twitter for help, after a “delusional stalker” made hundreds of accounts in a bid to get her attention.

A number of other stars have also reported stalkers and “scary” incidents, including Fuslie, Sweet Anita, Gabbie Hanna, Mr Beast, Jenna, and more.