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Mori Calliope asks Hololive fans to not be “weird” about Rushia after removal

Published: 27/Feb/2022 3:37 Updated: 27/Feb/2022 3:18

by Andrew Amos


Hololive EN star Mori Calliope has told fans despite her removal, Uruha Rushia will not be a “taboo” subject to bring up. Calli has asked fans to stop “this weirdness conception going around” forgetting about her legacy, saying she will “fondly remember” Rushia.

Uruha Rushia’s sudden termination from Hololive on February 24 has been the hot topic in VTuber circles for the past week.

The star, who had 1.6 million YouTube subscribers, was fired by Cover Corp for breaching her contract “by leaking information that she acquired from the company… and caused the company to suffer reputational damage.”

Many Hololive stars have spoken out about Rushia’s departure, including her genmates as well as first generation veteran Shirakami Fubuki.


Mori Calliope wanted to clear the air too, telling fans that although because she left suddenly, Rushia wasn’t all of a sudden going to be an unspeakable “taboo” topic on stream.

Calli playing minecraft with rushia and ollie
YouTube: Mori Calliope
Mori Calliope had collabed with Uruha Rushia numerous times as part of the “HOLODEATH” trio.

“I think it’s fine for me to talk pretty openly about this because some time has passed,” she opened up her February 26 stream with. “All of you are pretty aware of the situation that has occurred with my senpai, Rushia, and her contract was terminated.

“I’m sorry if my reaction on Twitter was a bit jarring ⁠— I was very shocked at the moment of finding out.”


Calli originally tweeted on February 24, just minutes after the announcement: “I don’t even know what to say right now. I’m canceling tomorrow’s stream, I feel sick to my stomach. Please take care of yourselves.”

While she stressed that it was a “very serious situation,” Calli reassured fans she would remember Rushia’s legacy. She also doesn’t want to tip-toe around the subject ⁠— as long as you don’t ask her about the reasons why she left, she will keep talking about Rushia.

“I’m going to miss my friend very dearly, and I still hold her in my heart as a member of Hololive Fantasy and HOLODEATH [the trio of Calli, Rushia, and Kureiji Ollie]. I will always love Rushia-senpai,” she explained.


The related segment begins at 6:21 below.

“The main point I want to drive home is that her name isn’t a taboo here. You can talk about it. If you see anything like ‘necromancer’ related or ‘a beautiful lady with huge boing-boings,’ you’re allowed to talk about it!

“I don’t want this weirdness conception going around that we’re just going to forget because I’m not.”

While HOLODEATH might only now be a duo, Rushia’s legacy on that small group ⁠— as well as Hololive ⁠— will live on long past her departure, and Calli wants to cherish that.


“In the same way that I fondly remember those who have come before, I’m going to continue doing that for her as well.”