Hololive’s Shirakami Fubuki asks fans to not “poke” idols about Uruha Rushia’s removal

YouTube: Shirakami Fubuki

Some of Hololive’s biggest stars are speaking out after star VTuber Uruha Rushia was removed from the group late on February 23. Shirakami Fubuki asked fans to not “poke” other idols asking them for the reason behind her dismissal, and to instead support talents through the tough time.

Uruha Rushia was one of the most popular members in Hololive. The butterfly-loving necromancer was beloved for her streams of all types, from typical gameplay broadcasts to ASMR.

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However, Rushia’s contract with Hololive was terminated on February 23 with Cover Corp claiming she “leaked information…and caused the company to suffer reputational damage.”

Fans of Rushia quickly flooded the streams of other Hololive members to express their sadness ⁠— or anger ⁠— with her sudden dismissal. While fellow stars like Shirakami Fubuki thanked fans for their concerns, the talents won’t be sharing any information about it anytime soon.

Hololive VTuber star Uruha Rushia staringYouTube: Uruha Rushia
Uruha Rushia is no longer a part of Hololive, with Cover Corp terminating her contract with immediate effect on February 23.

“As some viewers mentioned earlier in the comments, there was an announcement from Cover Corp earlier. Thank you very much for mentioning your concern. What’s written in the announcement is everything,” Fubuki said, according to a translation.

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Rushia’s firing hit talents like Shiranui Flare particularly hard. Flare had collaborated a lot with Rushia since her debut in September 2019, with the two being a part of the same generation ⁠— Hololive Fantasy.

“It’s really sad things ended up like this,” Flare stated. “As [a member of] the third Generation, we will keep doing our best from now on, so I hope you guys keep continuing to support us.”

Fubuki repeated this point. The first generation Hololive member with nearly 2 million YouTube subscribers asked fans to keep tuning in to their streams.

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However, she also warned viewers from jumping into other idols’ streams just to get a reason why, because many are still trying to process it and won’t be able to divulge the details regardless.

“We want to keep making our fans smile,” Fubuki added. “I’m sure you guys are sad, but we will keep having fun streams to make you guys smile!

“I hope you guys refrain from mentioning this too much or poking other Hololive members [about Rushia’s removal]. Thank you so much.”

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