Uruha Rushia breaks silence after sudden Hololive dismissal

Hololive star Uruha Rushia bowing head on streamYouTube: Uruha Rushia

Former Hololive star Uruha Rushia has broken her silence following her dismissal from the VTuber group. Returning to her old account, Mikeneko Doro, she claimed her “heart is shattered”, and will eventually open up on the reasons why she was removed.

Uruha Rushia was one of the biggest names in Hololive. However, the necromancer is no more, with Hololive terminating her contract on February 23 over claims of “leaking information…causing the company to suffer reputational damage”.

With her YouTube account set to be deleted in March, and an archive of her streams over the last 2.5 years wiped from the internet, fans are concerned Rushia’s presence will be lost forever.

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However, the talent has returned under her old alias, Mikeneko Doro, to break her silence on her dismissal. She tweeted out an apology in anticipation of Hololive’s February 23 announcement, getting ahead of the news by 12 hours.

“I’m really exhausted both physically and mentally, and I’m still confused,” she said on Twitter before the announcement was made. “My heart is shattered, but I wanted to tell everyone I’m sorry.”

On a TwitCasting stream on February 24 following the announcement, Rushia apologized further, and asked fans to stop spreading rumors about why she was dismissed.

“I’ve got many things to say. I’m sorry, I’m really sorry,” she said, according to a translation.

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“I’d like it if you held back on talking badly towards me. Regarding the rumors in various places, I’ll be firm. If everyone can refrain from spreading those, I would appreciate that.

“I’ve been discussing this a lot privately, so when I’m able to speak publicly, I’ll do so.”

She spent the majority of the seven-minute video apologizing to fans, as well as speaking about her desire to see her community unite again once she returns to streaming.

“There are some people that wanted to hear my side, so I wanted to do something about it. It was so scary. I was scared but I wanted to speak to all of you too. That was my intention.”

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Uruha Rushia standing in front of ocean in ghost in a flower music videoYouTube: Uruha Rushia
Uruha Rushia was dismissed from Hololive after breaching her talent contract.

“I’m sure you all have some mean thoughts, some kind ones. I’m looking at everyone’s comments,” she stated. “It was really so sudden. There are a lot of things that are angering me too. When I’m able to talk about it ⁠— when that time comes ⁠— I will.”

A test stream on the Mikeneko Doro account on February 22, around 36 hours before her dismissal, has already broken 1 million views.

Some of Hololive’s biggest names have also spoken out on Rushia’s dismissal. The majority of members have asked fans to respect their privacy by not asking them for information on stream.

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It is unclear when, or if, Uruha Rushia will return to VTubing under Mikeneko Doro. Her YouTube channel, which she reopened on February 22, currently sits at 310,000 subscribers ⁠— a far cry from the 1.6 million she had as Uruha Rushia, but up nearly 300,000 from the 25,000 it sat at prior to the announcement.