MOONMOON pokes fun at “lonely” Twitch subs “looking for a dopamine rush”

Brad Norton
Twitch hype train feature / MOONMOON laughing on camera

One of the most popular streamers on all of Twitch, MOONMOON is never one to shy away from toeing the line and joking about the platform he’s on, as his most recent rant targeted “lonely” viewers seeking attention through subscriptions. 

With over 800,000 followers on Twitch and almost always housing tens of thousands of viewers at any given time, MOONMOON is one of the most prolific variety streamers on the platform.

Never scared to share his opinions in the most amusingly exaggerated ways possible, his latest hot take focused on the new hype-train feature on Twitch that he believes helps promote an unhealthy relationship between viewers and content creators.

Twitch streamer MoonMoon playing Overwatch
MOONMOON initially grew in popularity on Twitch due to his early Overwatch streams.

In the midst of a Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot broadcast on January 20, the streamer paused his game and hilariously started blaring Sarah McLachlan’s ‘In The Arms Of An Angel’ to set the tone before giving his sarcastic speech.

“Every day… there is a Twitch chatter who will use their dinner money on subscribing to a Twitch streamer, and they’ll go hungry.”

Addressing the entire Twitch community, not just those tuned in to his broadcast, the streamer continued to list off over the top examples of viewers sacrificing everything just to grab the attention of their favorite content creators.

“Every day… a lonely man in search of a dopamine release will gift five subs to a random online, neglecting his family, his friends, his kids.”

Exaggerating the issue even further, the recently implemented hype-train feature promotes such behavior to an extent that appears to have made MOONMOON uncomfortable. Incentivizing more subscriptions and bit donations in exchange for unique unlockables and a higher-tier in the hype-train, the feature was introduced on January 9.

Jokingly seeking to raise awareness of the issues that the new hype-train feature help to promote, he expressed how such a pervasive problem should be taken to the higher-ups at Twitch immediately.

“It’s important that we as a community can address this predatory design and take it all the way to the top and show Twitch that we will not be taken advantage of.”

Twitch hype-train outline
The official instructions on how to initiate a hype-train on Twitch.

Whether the executives over at Twitch will listen to one of the most popular streamers on their platform, or continue to incentivize rewards for excessive subscriptions and donations remains to be seen.

Feigning deep concern for those who seek the recognition of Twitch streamers like himself, MOONMOON clearly wants to invoke a change to the status quo on the platform.

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