Mom under fire for cutting daughter’s hair as punishment in viral video

TikTok mom under fire for cutting daughter's hairTikTok: 3ella_3osselina

A mother is facing intense backlash after cutting off her daughter’s hair as a punishment in a TikTok video that’s going viral.

TikTok is home to a slew of viral videos — some of which generate extreme backlash due to their content, or the people who posted them.

Quite a few TikTokers have undergone public scrutiny in the past, including a group of nurses who were recently fired after uploading their childbirth “icks” to the platform.

Now, another TikToker is facing immense backlash for posting a video to the website that is leaving viewers shocked and outraged.

The person in question is a mother who shared her daughter’s punishment with the internet. In the video, she cuts off her daughter’s braids close to the scalp, leaving her with a very short crop of hair.

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What’s bothering viewers is that the mother did this as a punishment for her daughter’s supposed bad behavior, saying her child wanted to be “pretty over being educated.”

“I’m not a parent who likes to use physical discipline,” the mother says as she takes a pair of scissors to her daughter’s hair. “Come here. You’re gonna learn today, girl.”

“You had your learning, you had your chance. I told you to listen, I told you to stop disobeying my rules. I told you, being cute ain’t sh*t if you have no education! I told you to stop disobeying me, I told you to listen and do as you’re supposed to.”

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That’s not all; in a follow-up video, the mother questioned her daughter in front of the camera, asking her if she felt she’d been abused — to which she answered, “No.”

The mother’s video has garnered intense backlash online, with commenters across the internet stunned at her harsh punishment as well as the fact that she posted it to TikTok.

“I don’t know about you, but my hair is like the root of my confidence now,” one user wrote. “Imagine how she feels having to get it all cut off by her own mother.”

“She was wrong for that,” another said. “All you had to do is just take the phone.”

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“Omg how incredibly traumatizing for that girl,” another chimed in. “Seriously? No.. just no. That’s assault, as far as I’m concerned… not okay, not a lesson or punishment!”

TikTok mom backlash comments copyTikTok: noahglenncarter

TikTok mom responds to backlash after cutting daughter’s hair in viral video

The mother has since responded to the criticism levied at her for her punishment, saying she “couldn’t care less about the comments, likes, and views” and denied being “jealous” of her daughter, as some viewers theorized.

“I did it because I stood on my word as a parent,” she said in her video. “For a whole year, I was telling her I was gonna do this if she didn’t stop doing the stuff she was doing. She didn’t believe me. I didn’t believe myself. But by God’s grace, yes ma’am I stood on my word for once.”

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That’s not all; she also uploaded another video showing that she’d purchased a wig for her daughter, with the two seeming to laugh at the outrage the video had caused.

This is far from the first time a parent has incited backlash on TikTok. Celebrity mom Yolanda Hadid notably came under fire in October for her comments about her daughter’s diet, telling her to “have a couple of almonds” when she said she was feeling “weak” from hunger.