MoistCr1TiKaL criticizes H3H3 and KEEMSTAR over YouTube feud

Joe Craven

Popular content creator Charlie ‘Cr1TiKaL’ White, also known as penguinz0, has shared his thoughts on the ongoing Ethan Klein/KEEMSTAR feud, criticizing both men for targeting the other’s sponsors. 

While it was fairly well-known that KEEMSTAR and H3H3’s Ethan Klein did not see eye to eye, their dislike for one another has bubbled over to inundate large parts of social media. Essentially, Klein made a 46-minute video criticizing KEEMSTAR for his past behavior and, since then, the whole thing has turned into a monumental drama.

The H3H3 vs Keemstar feud is complex and goes back years but, like many other content creators, popular YouTuber and streamer MoistCr1TiKaL (who goes by penguinz0 on YouTube) has now spoken out to criticize both, starting with the behavior of Ethan in his initial May 20 video.

The pair’s YouTube drama is one of the most heated we can remember.
“Keem has done f**ked up sh*t but nothing you presented was new,” he said, replying to a tweet from Klein. “What was new was implying people should attack his sponsor, which is a bad precedent since anyone can do that now”. 

Shortly after H3H3’s initial video, Keem confirmed he had ‘walked away’ from some of his sponsors. Also, H3H3 has since been dropped by sponsors ‘Old Spice’, after the company was flooded with comments from internet users.

“Sh**ting on Keemstar is fine, but what you did was create a weapon anyone with a following can use against someone they don’t like,” he continued. “Even innocent people. Companies don’t watch drama videos, they only care if there’s a ton of people telling them it’s bad; they’ll drop them”.

Cr1TiKaL also followed up his tweets with a YouTube video, in which he elucidates his position and reiterates that he was not defending KEEMSTAR’s behavior, he was merely pointing out his issues with some of H3H3’s targeted comments.

“Sh*t’s just getting out of control,” he remarked. “Which is exactly what I was saying I was worried about happening. That was the precedent I was worried about… what’s happening is just Discord groups of people, people on 4chan, and groups of people on Twitter are coordinating with each other to attack the brands of YouTubers that they don’t like.”

He went on to say that a lot of these groups do not even possess evidence that warrants sponsors dropping their support for individuals, but that large numbers of people simply making negative comments is enough to make companies bow to the pressure.

It certainly appears to be setting a precedent, with a number of YouTubers who were not even involved in the feud now being targeted. Whether it has long term effects on YouTube stars receiving sponsorship remains to be seen, but the overwhelming majority of people appeared to agree with Cr1TiKaL’s comments.