H3H3 and KEEMSTAR’s heated YouTube feud explained

Joe Craven

Ethan ‘H3H3’ Klein and Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem are two of America’s biggest YouTube stars, who have recently been engaged in a very public and personal feud. But why are the pair at odds?

Who are H3H3 and KEEMSTAR? 

Both are immensely popular YouTubers. At the time of writing, KEEMSTAR’s channel ‘DramaAlert’ sits at just over 5.5 million subscribers, while Klein’s main channel has over 6.5 million.

KEEMSTAR has amassed his following by covering internet ‘drama’ – essentially reporting on news and conflicts within the YouTube, streaming and esports communities. In contrast, the majority of H3H3’s content is based around reacting to videos and satirizing online culture. He often appears alongside his wife, Hila.

The pair have publicly criticized one another in the past. The origins of this recent feud go back years, to older comments made by H3H3, that Keem interpreted as targeting friends of his.

While the two have never been friendly, they have more or less quietly coexisted on the internet. That is, until May 19, 2020, when Klein released a 46-minute video about KEEMSTAR.

H3H3’s video on KEEMSTAR

The video details multiple transgressions on Keem’s behalf, seeing Klein criticize the YouTuber for comments and behavior he has exhibited in the past.

Back in 2016, Keem made a video making very serious, yet unfounded, allegations about streamer ‘RSGlory AndGold’. The video was swiftly deleted after the mistake was realized, but the streamer states that he is still harassed over the incident to this day. H3H3 includes clips of Keem, a year after the original mistake, telling the streamer to “f**k off” for commenting on the harassment he still receives.

Klein also criticized Keem’s behavior towards late YouTuber Desmond ‘Etika’ Amofah, who tragically took his own life in June 2019. Footage included in Klein’s video shows Keem speaking to Etika on his Drama Alert show, and commenting on how Etika has “lost his mind”. After Etika’s suicide, Keem responded compassionately, asking for viewers to stop forcing him to explain himself when he was mourning a friend.

H3H3 also added clips of Keem allegedly leaking personal information pertaining to personalities he was clashing with, and admitting to ‘doxxing’ multiple people. Klein responded to Keem’s allegations of “felony fraud” by speaking to Starbreeze’s Global Brand Director on-camera to prove his innocence.

KEEMSTAR responds to H3H3 

Following the publication of Klein’s video, Keem promptly stated his intention to respond. On May 20, he published a video entitled ‘H3H3 lies’. The video, the first of two KEEMSTAR is set to make in response to Klein, deals primarily with the accusations that Keem contributed to the death of Etika.

In the video Keem cites a text message that appears to be from Etika’s mother, in which she absolves Keem of any responsibility for her son’s death. The text states that Etika wanted to make the episode of Drama Alert “both memorable and exciting”, and that he “loved” Keem’s internet show.

Keem also included multiple screenshots of tweets that Klein did not include in his video, that he says show his support and friendship for Etika, prior to his tragic death. A video of Etika showing affection for KEEMSTAR is also included.

He concludes that Ethan Klein took multiple statements out of context, and that his friendship with Etika was always there, even if it was not that obvious to the general public.

As previously mentioned, Keem has stated that his responses to H3H3 will involve a second part, in which he gives his side to the other allegations made.

H3H3 doubles down

On May 21, before Keemstar’s second video went live, Klein made another video entitled ‘Nuclear Fallout – Keemstar’. In the video, H3H3 criticizes Keem for allegations he made against YouTuber Bashur, and portraying himself as a “victim”.

Klein also defendended himself against allegations of going after KEEMSTAR’s sponsors, by including clips of Keem criticizing the sponsors of Soar Gaming when the organization had several accusations made against it.

Keem responds, again

On May 24, Keem uploaded his second response video to H3H3. The 24 minute video, entitled ‘Ethan Klein Detached from Reality! – H3H3’ sees Keem respond to the other allegations made by Klein, not just those relating to the death of Etika.

In the video, Keem criticized Klein for his own comments made about the Catholic Church and YouTuber Patrice Wilson. He suggested that Klein is hypocritical to accuse Keem of unfounded allegations against individuals, because he has done similar things in the past.

The Drama Alert star also defended himself against the ‘doxxing’ allegations, arguing they were only carried out against toxic YouTubers who were attacking other people through ‘swatting’ and ‘cease and desist’ letters.

We will continue to update you on the situation as it changes.