Mizkif reveals what it would take for him to move from Twitch to Mixer

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Twitch: Mizkif / Mixer

Twitch star Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo trolled his audience during his January 3 broadcast when he revealed what it would take to get him to switch from Twitch to Mixer in a hilariously epic rant.

Mizkif is one of the most watched broadcasters on Twitch, consistently pulling in thousands of viewers a stream as his audience tunes in to watch his explosive personality.

However, the streaming star had viewers in stitches when he revealed what it would take from Microsoft to get him to move over to Mixer – Bill Gates better bust out the checkbook.

Instagram: @realmizkifThe popular streamer draws in thousands of viewers a broadcast on Twitch.

Mizkif reveals what it would take to get him to move to Mixer

The streamer explained to his chat that he wouldn’t be going to Mixer “anytime soon” and had signed a contract with Twitch. “By the way chat I signed a contract with Twitch last year where I get to be on Twitch as long as I do good things, and don’t get banned,” he said.

He followed that up by saying, “So I’m not leaving for Mixer, as long as Mixer doesn’t give me a good deal,” leaving the door open for a potential move should Microsoft make an unbelievable offer.

Mizkif then hilariously exclaimed, “But the second Mixer gives me a good deal, I’m getting the f**k off this platform and I’m going to Mixer.”

The Twitch star replied to someone in his chat who asked him what it would take for him to switch platforms. “I’m not kidding you, if you want a reasonable number. Mixer would have to give me… Nowadays? $50 mil. $50 mil for a year,” he said.

After revealing the enormous monetary amount it would take to pull him to the Microsoft service, he followed that up by saying, “And I also want health insurance.”

But the streamer’s demands didn’t end there, he then stated, “And I also want a hand shake from Dr Disrespect. That is the two things I want. I want $50 million dollars and Dr Disrespect to f**k my hand.”

While the whole thing was in good fun, Microsoft would have to meet some hefty demands if they ever wanted to see the popular Twitch star on their platform.

As of the time of this article, Mizkif has over 302k followers on the streaming service, and draws in thousands of viewers to his broadcast, making him one of the top personalities on the Amazon-owned site.

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