Andy Milonakis calls out “pathetic” Twitch for not partnering SlikeR

Instagram: @andymilonakis / Twitch: ItsSlikeR

Former MTV star and popular streamer Andy Milonakis called on Twitch to “finally” partner SlikeR, while hitting out at the streaming platform for their “gross” behavior towards the affiliate. 

SlikeR is one of the largest affiliates on Twitch, and with hundreds of thousands of followers, he’s also one of the biggest personalities to not be partnered by the streaming platform.

Popular streamer Andy Milonakis has now stood up in defense of the affiliate, and took the Amazon-owned company to task, calling their behavior “pathetic” and demanding that they finally make him a partner.

Instagram: @andymilonakisThe former MTV star is a popular streamer on Twitch.

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Andy Milonakis calls on Twitch to “finally” partner SlikeR

SlikeR has infamously been rejected by Twitch for partnership, despite having a following that dwarfs other channels that have been accepted. The company has never given a specific reason why they won’t approve his application.

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However, former MTV star Andy Milonakis finally had enough of it, and posted a video on his Twitter blasting the streaming platform. “Hey Twitch, we got to talk. It’s time to partner SlikeR. He’s an affiliate with thousands of subs,” he said.

The popular broadcaster then pointed out how SlikeR makes them money. “He’s not edgy enough to ban. Obviously lots of people like him. He’s generating a lot of content and money for Twitch.”

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Milonakis called out the company for using SlikeR in their own advertisements. “You’re putting him on clips for your Twitter. So if you’re not going to partner the guy, then what are you doing!? Why is he stuck in affiliate limbo? It makes no sense at all!”

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“He’s still not partnered over some bull s**t where you thought he was a little too edgy like six months ago,” he continued. “Partner the f**king guy!”

The streamer then slammed Twitch calling them “pathetic” and their actions “really f**king gross” before he repeated “give the guy a f**king partner already!”

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Twitch was recently criticized by the community for their December 2 tweet, which featured a clip of SlikeR singing which Milonakis brought up in his explosive take down of the streaming platform.

SlikeR himself acknowledged the company’s tweet that featured a video of him, and responded to them with the question “is this a sign?”

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Many Twitter users replied favorably to the former MTV stars’ defense of the affiliate, and agreed that at this point it no longer make sense why they refuse to make him a partner.

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As of the time of this article, Twitch has not replied to Milonakis or made any comment as to why SlikeR is not considered worthy of partnership, or if their position on the matter will change any time soon.

The streamer has a staggering 198k followers on his channel and thousands of subs, making him one of the largest affiliates on the streaming platform.

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