Mizkif explains why he regrets spending $60k on “embarrassing” OTK anniversary stream

mizkif on twitch talking about OTK eventTwitch: Mizkif

Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo recently spent $60k on a one-year anniversary stream for OTK, and it turns out he regrets having spent so much money on it. 

On October 11, Mizkif provided an all-day broadcast to celebrate the one-year anniversary of his org, ‘One True Kings.’ He went all out for his viewers; rented an Airbnb, bought fireworks, cake, Chipotle food catering, and more. They even went as far as announcing their eighth member of the org, Cyr.

However, the event was met with trouble as their Airbnb owner invited friends and family over without permission as well as technical issues with the camera. On October 13, Rinaudo explained that his stream cost him $60,000 and that he regrets having spent so much money on such a troublesome event.

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Mizkif regrets spending $60k

While live on October 13, Mizkif explained: “What bothers me the most is that I spent $60k, then Cyr went live with just a backpack to stream a game of Jenga and it was way better than mine.”

Rinaudo mentioned that he told the newest OTK member to go live so he could raid and give him more viewers, and was happy his friend had a successful broadcast that garnered even more viewers than the official stream.

The creator went on to explain that they went as far as hiring a production team that would organize the activities for the day. However, that didn’t happen: “They told me nothing. Me and Esfand walked around with our heads cut off, so confused on what to do.”

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Luckily, Sodapoppin was there to help figure out activities during the event. Mizkif said: “Luckily Chance was there, but why did we have to figure it out ourselves? It’s embarrassing.”

Matt went on to explain that they won’t do big events like their anniversary stream anymore. They are going to buy another backpack full of mobile streaming equipment so the OTK creators can all provide simple content together as friends.

It appears they have learned that a high-quality stream may not always be required, assuming you have the personality and talent to entertain with just the bare minimum production.

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