Mizkif blasts “worst logic in the world” over Starforge PC prices

Sam Comrie
Mizkif MrBeast Las Vegas

Twitch streamer Mizkif has responded to criticism of OTK’s collaboration with MoistCr1TiKal, Starforge Systems, after PC enthusiast Kristofer Yee was less than impressed with their efforts.

Streaming giant Mizkif is no stranger to unexpected collaborations and exciting projects. The One True King content group is exploring a new venture, this time with YouTuber and Moist Esports owner Charles ‘MoistCr1TiKaL’ White Jr.

Starforge Systems, an OTK-backed endeavour that specializes in high-end gaming PC’s, has seen the duo promoting an array of systems targeted at getting exceptional performance.

Though there has been plenty of backlash over prices and specs, some fans are impressed by what they’ve seen so far from Starforge Systems. However, PC gaming content creator Kristofer Yee has lambasted the specs that are on offer.

YouTuber Kristofer Yee slams Starforge PC’s: “Are you f****** kidding me?”

During Kristofer Yee’s August 20 Twitch livestream, the content creator began to break down the Horizon Creator Edition PC available on Starforge’s website. Immediately Yee took aim at the PC’s CPU, saying “a literal Creator Edition PC for nearly $3,500 and you’re using a processor that is bad for content creation.”

Despite Yee’s distaste towards the initial specs of the PC, Mizkif fired back, claiming: “We already changed it. It’s already changed, so I don’t know if or where this video is going, or what he’s trying to do, but we already changed it.”


Yee’s critique of the PC didn’t stop there, as the Twitch streamer said “are you f****** me?…If I’m paying almost four grand for a computer and you don’t give me a $20 upgrade… if you built this computer yourself you could save $600.”

Mizkif explained that Starforge Systems are “offering a service” by pre-assembling their setups: “That is the worst logic in the world. I hate that idea, ‘if you build this yourself’.”

In a further response to this notion, Mizkif joked “okay do you guys do your own oil changes with your own cars? You can do it yourself by the way chat and not spend any money.”

Regardless of Yee’s opinions on the PC, Mizkif reiterated that the major issues flagged by Yee had already been rectified.