Mitch Jones, Twitch streamer with 15k subs, denied partnership

Rory Teale
Mitch Jones Twitch DramaTwitter: MitchJonez / Instagram: @mitchones3 / Twitch

Mitch Jones revealed to viewers that Twitch had denied him partnership despite ranking as the 35th most subbed channel on the platform.

Mitch Jones was an early adopter of Twitch, growing a loyal fanbase of World of Warcraft followers who were initially drawn to the streamer for his PvP content.

Starting streaming in 2011, the influencer’s recent content has been less consistent than his early years – receiving various bans from Twitch, which prevented him from using the platform and losing him his Twitch partnership in 2019.

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Mitch Jones revealed that he tried to apply for a Twitch partnership again, but the platform wasn’t as receptive to him as before his bans.

Mitch Jones promises to “prove” himself after Twitch denial

Mitch Jones shared Twitch’s response to his inquiry about partnering again on Twitter.

The email response from Twitch told the World of Warcraft streamer, “Unfortunately, we cannot offer you a Partnership at this time. Over 2 million broadcasters livestream on our platform each month, but the Partner Program only consists of a small percentage of them. While we would love to include all of our broadcasters in the program, we must be selective with the channels we accept.”

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Some Twitch partners like Greek God, and other Kick streamers responded to Mitch Jones’ tweet in the comment section.

Streamers who have also previously had troubles with Twitch, like IRL streamer Adin Ross and Overwatch’s Dafran, have moved over to Kick – and viewers speculate if Mitch could do the same.

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