Has Mitch Jones been shadow banned on Twitch?

Connor Bennett

Fans of popular streamer Mitch Jones were left confused after seeing that his channel wasn’t showing up on Twitch when he went in search of it.

Mitch Jones has, traditionally, been one of Twitch’s most popular streamers – varying his content from IRL streams to playing games at home.

Since he started streaming on the platform eight years ago, Jones has amassed over 415,000 followers but more recently, he’s been at odds with Twitch. Back in October, he lost his partner status and considered leaving to do something else before being convinced by Summit1G to stick around.

Yet, he’s now uncovered an apparent new issue with Twitch as he found that he couldn’t find his channel on the directory or search pages. 

Mitch Jones
Mitch Jones varies his content between home streams and IRL antics.

During his November 18 stream, Jones had been playing Blizzard’s World of Warcraft when he backed out to the Twitch directory and started looking for his own channel.

As he headed to the game’s own section of the platform, he was stunned to find himself not appearing. “I’m not here,” he called out, while scrolling his mouse between the top few channels. “Why? What in the f**k dude. This is ridiculous bro.”

One viewer pointed out that he should try and search his name to see if he was showing up there, so the streamer obliged. However, even when he did, his channel still didn’t appear – leaving his with arm outstretched and a bemused look on his face. 

Now, of course, the reason for what Jones’ channel wasn’t appearing is unclear, but it is no doubt a strange situation to witness, especially as he claimed it has been happening for a while. 

After showing it off via his stream, the streamer even went to Twitter to ask Twitch support as to why his channel was being “unlisted” after going live.

When Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek left Twitch for Mixer back at the end of October, his channel fell into a similar predicament, as it was no longer findable via the search function. However, after fans noticed this issue, it didn’t take long for his channel to return.

Whether or not Jones’ channel has been ‘shadow banned’ by the livestreaming platform, at least on his end, remains unknown, but as of writing, the account can be found by searching for it. 

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