Minecraft streamer devastated after 160 hour run ruined by small mistake

Scott Robertson

Twitch streamer and YouTuber Sips was 168 hours into a session of Minecraft on hardcore mode, when a misclick during a simple task cost him all of his progress.

You hate to see that. Hardcore modes in video games are legendary for how brutal they can be. When you die, you die, and you lose all your progress. Minecraft added Hardcore mode when it officially released in 2011, and added a multiplayer hardcore mode a year later. For single player, the server world is deleted upon death.

Sips, a streamer and YouTuber under the Yogscast gaming group, had been playing a hardcore session for nearly a week heading into his September 21 stream. From humble beginnings, he had built a vast Minecraft empire, and was in the process of creating an iron golem farm. But during that process, disaster struck.

Sips was in the middle of moving wooden signs, and when he want to go break another sign, he accidentally struck one of the iron golems. Obviously upset, the iron golem retaliated, and smacked the streamer into the lava fixture nearby.

He momentarily escaped by pushing through the pack of iron golems that weren’t attacking, but the one he slapped in the face eventually caught up to him and killed him as he tried to escape.

Sips expressed dismay at the golem’s ability to strike him, but eventually anger and denial gave way to grief and acceptance.

“Oh fuck chat, we lost everything.”

Sips / MojangSips flies over his now lost Minecraft world

After losing his life to a golem that was meant to die, the streamer activated spectator mode and flew over the expansive world that he had built for himself, and lamented over all the progress and buildings he had lost.

The Minecrafter dismissed the idea of editing files or cheating to restore the lost world, but later on Twitter acknowledged his mistake and promised to give a hardcore run another go.

“I died. 168 hours down the drain. starting again on attempt 6 monday morning because I hate myself that much.”

Better luck next time, Sips. And please turn off the iron golem spawner during your next build.

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