How to complete Minecraft without walking a single step


One YouTuber has found a pain-staking, yet, ingenious way to play Minecraft without even taking a single step but it’s a challenge that not everybody will be willing to take on. 

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Despite releasing back in 2009 as the ‘Java’ version, Minecraft has become extremely popular once again with content creators flocking to play the game over numerous platforms. Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg was able to cross over the 100 million YouTube subscribers mark with his playthrough, while Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has taken Twitch by storm with his Minecraft Monday victories.

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Yet, neither of the Felix’s have quite taken on the leap of absurd challenges that involve you beating the game with a pretty terrible arsenal of weapons or even harder, beating it without walking a single step.

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Reddit, u/VitaMint123Players can create pretty much anything they want in Minecraft.

That challenge, however, was taken on and beaten by YouTuber TheHeightAdvantage who was able to fully build a house, gather all the needed materials, and even take down The Ender Dragon without even walking an inch.

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How did they do it? Well, the YouTuber unbinded all moving controls in their settings so that they won’t take a misstep. Instead, they opted to use boats on land and underground, buckets of water, and a pig he called Little Timmy to get him around.

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While his methods may seem strange, just how the YouTuber got around isn’t a completely new idea. The boats can be placed on the ground and sat in while moving, giving you a few block’s worth of movement. That’s the starting point, and of course, you need to spawn near trees to get the wood, but it gets a little easier from there. 

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After you’ve got your hands on enough iron, you can craft a bucket and then claim water. Placing water near your feet will sweep you away and give you a few extra blocks of distance. 

Yet, once you befriend a pig and give it a saddle, you can go pretty much anywhere you want – just make sure to have a Carrot on a Stick handy.

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If that all sounds like time consuming and hard work – truth be told, it is. TheHeightAdvantage told PCGamer that all in all, it took him around 30 hours to get everything in place and defeat the Ender Dragon. 

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Of course, being able to lay claim to ‘beating’ Minecraft without moving sounds like a pretty sweet deal, but exploring the huge landscape while walking is the route we’ll choose to take.