Diablo 4 player loses 24 hours of hardcore progress after falling asleep mid-stream

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A Twitch streamer who was 24 hours into a Diablo 4 hardcore marathon lost all of his progress after he fell asleep while playing.

Streamer AMValentine1 had been grinding out quests for a full day on stream to perfect his Druid build when he found himself dozing off. He caught himself the first time, but couldn’t fight off the exhaustion forever.

Diablo 4 Twitch streamer falls asleep on stream and dies (in-game)

As he was dozing off, AMValentine1 realized that he was close to falling asleep, so he shook himself away again, saying: “I’m daydreaming. I’m f*cking daydreaming. That was like 2 seconds. I almost f*cking died, bro. That could have been it. Damn.”

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However, just a few seconds later, he actually did fall asleep, and his character, who was still in combat, quickly perished, meaning Valentine lost all his progress from the entire stream.

He woke up a few seconds later and realized what had happened, shouting: “I fell asleep! I was about to log out, man! Holy sh*t. Well, there goes my hardcore journey.

It was right in front of me, and I f*cked it up. I f*cked it up because I didn’t go to sleep when I should. I should have said ‘f*ck this quest, I can barely keep my eyes open’.

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“But I got stubborn. Now it’s over for good. I wasted 24 f*cking hours. I streamed for 24 hours and now I’m f*cking dead for good.”

To make matters worse, AMValentine1 was playing Diablo 4’s Hardcore mode, which means that his character was lost forever, with no way of bringing it back.

However, he didn’t let the death prevent him from trying again, with him promising his audience that he’d try streaming tomorrow with all the knowledge he’d accumulated.

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