Minecraft streamer billzo robbed while filming in Miami

Emma Hill
Minecraft streamer billzo on Twitch

Twitch streamer ‘billzo’ was robbed while filming in Miami. In a Twitter video, he claimed that he and his friend Freddie were okay, but “a lot of sh*t got taken” meaning his vlog documenting his trip around the USA is no longer happening. 

Donning his signature bandana, English streamer billzo shot to fame with his ‘Minecraft’ streams as well as his collaborations with fellow YouTubers such as Ranboo and James Marriott.

With 576K followers on Twitch, his popularity has allowed him to travel across the world to meet his fellow Minecraft streamers. For instance, in November 2021 he had the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles and stay with Tubbo, Ranboo, Badlinu, and Aimsey.

However, billzo’s recent journey soon took a dark turn as he was filming the final leg of his America vlog in Miami.

billzo YouTube video
billzo previously posted a YouTube video saying he wanted to use his earnings to travel.

Streamer billzo robbed in Miami

billzo had been traveling around the USA with his friend Freddie and had been filming a vlog all about their wild adventures. However, in a video posted on Twitter on May 25, he claimed that he was canceling the vlog after being robbed while filming in Miami.

“So, there’s actually not going to be any America blog anymore,” he said. “Apologies, boys. Me and Fred were filming the last part of the video in Miami and we just got robbed.”

According to billzo, “a lot of sh*t got taken,” including his insulin which he needs to control his sugar levels for his Type 1 diabetes. The thief also stole his iconic samurai bandana as well as Freddie’s laptop.

The video prompted an outpouring of support from billzo’s followers. Some of his Minecraft friends were also quick to send their good wishes, including Marriot and Tubbo.

One worried fan also encouraged billzo not to apologize about his vlog cancelation: “Bill, please don’t apologize. You got robbed. We only care about you. We don’t care about a vlog. It’s just a video. We just want ya’ll safe and I hope you guys find the bag with everything. Please stay safe.”

Freddie later assured fans that both he and billzo were “safe” and thanked those who were concerned about them. It’s not yet clear whether the pair will come back home to England following the traumatic event.

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