YouTuber Alpharad reveals he was robbed at gunpoint: "It was haunting" - Dexerto

YouTuber Alpharad reveals he was robbed at gunpoint: “It was haunting”

Published: 14/Nov/2021 23:22

by Bill Cooney


Popular YouTuber Jacob ‘Alpharad’ Rabon revealed on Twitter he had been robbed at gunpoint, calling the experience “haunting.”

Alpharad is considered one of the top Smash content creators on YouTube. But, he has no problem branching out to other games, and even putting on MrBeast-style challenges.

However, on November 14, Alpha informed fans on Twitter that he had just been robbed at gunpoint. Not only that, but it happened in broad daylight.

Alpharad robbed at gunpoint

Rabon, who lives in LA, explained that the robbery had occurred in the morning and called the ordeal “haunting.”

“Got robbed at gunpoint while out with some close friends at 9am in broad daylight,” he tweeted. “We are all okay now, but oh my god. It was haunting.”


“Tell the ones you love that you love them and all that,” Rabon added. “It’s a terrifying experience thinking you’re potentially seconds away from the end.”

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Twitter: Alpharad
Alpha didn’t reveal what, if anything, was taken during the robbery.

The YouTuber didn’t say if anything was stolen during the robbery.

Alpharad seems to be alright but understandably shaken up by the experience.