George Janko fuels Logan Paul & Mike Majlak beef rumors with cryptic tweet & unfollowing

George JankoYouTube: George Janko

YouTuber George Janko has fueled rumors of his fallout with Impaulsive hosts Logan Paul & Mike Majlak after posting a cryptic tweet and unfollowing the pair on Instagram.

Over the last few years, Logan Paul & Mike Majlak have hosted their Impaulsive podcast alongside YouTuber George Janko.

That is until recently when Logan sparked backlash after attacking George’s religion on a podcast episode.

He’s since confirmed that he hasn’t left the show entirely, but a cryptic tweet paired with him unfollowing Logan & Mike has people thinking otherwise.

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George Janko’s cryptic tweet has fans wondering

On April 25, 2023, George posted a cryptic tweet on his Twitter account that has fans wondering if something really had happened between him, Logan, and Mike.

“I wasn’t going to talk but now I am,” he said.

Fans quickly took to the comments to share their thoughts about the tweet, with many wondering whether or not he’s going to talk about stuff going on between him and Impaulsive.

George Janko unfollowed Logan & Mike on Instagram

Fans noticed on April 26 that despite Logan Paul and Mike Majlak still following George on social media, George no longer follows the Impaulsive co-hosts on Instagram.

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Unfortunately, it’s near impossible to search through his following on Twitter, so we couldn’t verify there. Dexerto did, however, verify that George is no longer following Logan and Mike on Instagram.

If you go back through the last dozen or so episodes of Impaulsive, you’ll quickly realize that many (if not all) have been recorded sans George Janko.

He stated back in January that he hasn’t left Impaulsive, but fans are convinced that something happened between the group.

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