Logan Paul claims one "big mistake" from Floyd Mayweather will cost him the fight - Dexerto

Logan Paul claims one “big mistake” from Floyd Mayweather will cost him the fight

Published: 10/May/2021 9:09

by Brad Norton


Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather finally met face to face at the May 6 press conference and after their first staredown, the YouTube star has highlighted one “big mistake” that will cost boxing’s ‘Pretty Boy.’

After months of delays, Paul vs Floyd is finally a real fight that’s actually going to happen. The social media celeb is taking on the most accomplished boxer in history on June 6. In the weeks leading up to the exhibition, however, both will be sharing the spotlight in order to promote the upcoming PPV.

The first meeting came on May 6 at a brief press conference where Jake Paul grabbed headlines – for better or worse. While the focus quickly shifted to Logan’s younger brother, this interaction gave him his first opportunity to size up the competition.


After the first staredown, Paul now appears more confident than ever. Speaking to his audience in a May 10 YouTube upload, he addressed “Floyd’s biggest mistake” that could end up costing him. 

Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather staredown
YouTube: Logan Paul
Paul and Mayweather are finally set to throw down on June 5.

“People just underestimate the amount of work we put into this sport,” Paul said. “The amount of actual hours and dedication, what we put our body and mind through to make this happen. For the past three years, we actually got good at this sh**.”

Mayweather has been in the ring with 51 opponents to date through his more than 20-year career. While he’s come out on top in every single fight, Paul believes he’s among those overlooking the next scrap.


“Floyd’s biggest mistake” also happens to be Paul’s “biggest advantage going into the fight.” It all has to do with “underestimating” the YouTuber’s work ethic, Paul explained. “Floyd really underestimates me.”

“We got f***ing dangerous at this sport,” he added, praising his brother’s recent efforts as well.

“You do anything for three years, you’re gonna become good at it. I just outwork motherf***ers. That’s my secret and Jake’s secret too. Everyone’s mad that we’re winning, do something about it.”

Tensions were high throughout the press conference, but this factor alone is why Paul believes he has a good chance of handing Mayweather his first-ever loss. Push will finally come to shove in a matter of weeks. Paul is locked in to face Mayweather on Sunday, June 6 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. 


One boxing legend that has put some respect on the Paul name is none other than Mike Tyson. The former heavyweight champion has gone on record saying that he wouldn’t fight either of them: “I like those guys. They’re good guys!”