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Migos’ Offset joins FaZe Clan as newest investor

Published: 15/Aug/2019 22:30 Updated: 22/Jan/2020 12:49

by Virginia Glaze


Esports and entertainment giant FaZe Clan boasts a star-studded cast of content creators and pro gamers – but its celebrity ranks just got a major addition, thanks to the efforts of American rapper Offset.

On August 15, FaZe Clan added award-winning rapper Offset of rap group “Migos” to its ever-growing family as an investor, henceforth known in the organization as “FaZe Offset.”


According to a press release from FaZe, both Offset and FaZe Clan will work together to form a “mutually beneficial” partnership to grow the marriage of competitive gaming and mainstream entertainment.

Offset, InstagramMigos member Offset has officially joined ranks with FaZe Clan as an investor.600https://www.instagram.com/p/B1JuX46BuWc/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link


“I love gaming, and esports is the future,” Offset said of their partnership. “These two facts make it only right that I be a part of the biggest esports organization with some of the best players in the world.”

“FaZe Clan is redefining what it means to be an iconic entertainment brand and working with a visionary like Offset is another step towards the future,” FaZe CEO Lee Trink commented. “We not only dominate in competitive gaming we are setting new trends across content, merchandise, brand partnerships, and beyond.”

FaZe Clan, InstagramFaZe Clan’s star-studded cast just got another celebrity addition.600https://www.instagram.com/p/B0q2rB0nuxi/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link


Offset wouldn’t be the first celebrity to take an interest in FaZe Clan, either: rapper Lil Yachty similarly joined forces with the org in December 2019 during the “Rolling Loud” music festival, bringing FaZe’s biggest faces onstage with him to announce the move.

Under the FaZe banner as “FaZe Boat,” Lil Yachty referred to the players as his “brothers,” officially partnering with the esports giant after expressing an interest in the group back in 2017.

The NFL’s JuJu Smith-Schuster is also affiliated with FaZe, making Offset the third high-profile celebrity member to invest in the ever-growing organization.


Offset’s merger with FaZe also follows Canadian rapper Drake’s investment in esports group 100 Thieves in October 2018, marking a major move for Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag’s very own competitive gaming team.

100Thieves, TwitterWorld-famous rapper Drake joined 100Thieves in October 2018, marking a major investor for the esports scene as a whole.


With so many top personalities in the rap industry toeing into the esports pool, there’s no telling what’s next for the scene.


Twitch streamer HaChubby’s public piano solo gets hilariously ruined

Published: 10/Oct/2020 18:05

by Georgina Smith


Korean streamer HAchubby was hilariously interrupted during her IRL stream while she was playing the piano, as an unexpected song blasting through the store speakers at totally the wrong moment.

HAchubby is a Korean streamer who is learning English, and sharing her content to a multinational fanbase of over 200,000 on Twitch. She is most often found streaming IRL, collaborating with other streamers, as well as sometimes showcasing her piano skills.


She’s previously gone viral on multiple occasions for her streaming antics, as she seems to attract incredibly funny situations. In one popular clip she and fellow streamer Yuggie_TV tried their hand at the rubber band watermelon challenge, and were left flustered when the melon exploded when they least expected it.

HaChubby poses for a selfie.
Instagram: hachubbytv
HaChubby is a massively popular streamer on Twitch, boasting over 224k followers due to her hilarious IRL broadcasts.

One fan even stream sniped her in an IRL stream, presenting her with a pizza box that had the iconic Twitch “Jebaited” emote hidden inside.


This time around in an IRL stream, HAchubby took a quiet moment to sit at a piano in a music shop, and play a soft tune for her followers. It seemed that such a calm activity could not possibly be interrupted by any bizarre occurrences, but the most unexpected things always seem to happen to the Korean streamer.

As the piece she was playing came to a lull she looked up at the camera, just in time for the song “U Guessed It” by OG Maco to start blasting through the speakers abruptly, at full volume no less.


She immediately doubled over with laughter, bewildered by the abrupt ending to her lovely solo. Through her laughter she said “what the heck is this timing?” looking around the shop, absolutely baffled.

The clip of the incident has now garnered nearly 60,000 views, with people loving HAchubby’s brilliant reaction to yet another crazy IRL stream.