Adin Ross makes serious offer to join FaZe as Banks returns

Shay Robson
Adin Ross stood next to FaZe Banks

Kick streaming star Adin Ross made a proposal to join FaZe Clan after Richard ‘Banks’ Bengston took the reigns as CEO.

After a tumultuous journey as a publicly-listed company on the NASDAQ exchange, FaZe Clan is finally back in the hands of its OG members following an acquisition by GameSquare, the former owners of Complexity Gaming.

The acquisition saw long-standing member Banks take charge as FaZe’s new CEO, while other OG’s Thomas ‘Temperrr’ Oliveira and Yousef ‘Apex’ Abdelfattahwere named President and COO respectively

While the esports and gaming entertainment brand looks to return to its roots, streaming star Adin Ross, Kick’s most popular streamer, has made a serious offer to Banks to join the prestigious org.

Adin Ross wants to join FaZe Clan after Banks becomes CEO

On March 4, Banks joined Adin Ross on his Kick stream. While he remained rather tight-lipped when discussing details of what’s next for FaZe, Adin put out a proposition.

The Kick star showed interest in joining the FaZe, asking his former roommate Banks for equity in the organization. “I think you should give me equity in FaZe and let me do my own thing, trust me,” he said.

And it’s fair to say it looks like Banks is open to the idea. “I think there’s definitely a conversation to be had,” he replied.

Later in the stream, Adin brought up the idea again. “Seriously, real sh*t if you need me to join FaZe, give me some equity and I’ll rep,” he said. However, according to Banks, Adin already reps the org enough, and is part of the “fam.”

With the deal now done and dusted, with both GameSquare and FaZe stockholders having approved the merger in late February of 2024, Banks has taken the reigns of the organization — almost four months after the acquisition was first announced.

Immediately, he outlined his first steps as CEO, stating in a social media post on February 27 that staff would be “fired.”

As it stands, FaZe’s future remains unclear, with Banks explaining the organization will be “mellow” for while they figure out what’s next. Although he claims “sh*ts going to get dark.”