PewDiePie FINALLY got Dr. Phil to host Meme Review and it’s absolutely epic

Virginia Glaze

Although YouTube king Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg has become a self-proclaimed “Minecraft channel,” the Swede has finally brought back his fan-favorite show “Meme Review” – this time featuring a celebrity guest in the form of the one and only Dr. Phil!

After months of PewDiePie joking about the idea in his various shows, which include everything from LWIAY to Pew News, reality television host and psychologist Dr. Phil finally made an appearance on Meme Review on August 15, bringing with him some hilarious moments that are sure to make for even more memes in the future.

Dr. Phil appears on Meme Review

The celebrity host reacted to a slew of memes featuring himself, including the famed photo of himself staring at a floating water bottle, stating, “Look at that stare. Dumbledore who? …you can be bald and be a wizard.”

(Segment begins at 10:15)

Dr. Phil’s hilarious social awareness made for an entertaining segment that saw him reference a number of PewDiePie-related quips and jokes, even mentioning that the artist of one photo should go “to the ranch.”

The popular TV host ended his segment by encouraging viewers to subscribe to both PewDiePie and his own YouTube channel – a suggestion that could very well see a major upswing in subscribers for Dr. Phil considering the strength of the “nine-year-old army” – the name given to Pewds’ supporters during the battle against T-Series for the top spot on YouTube that lasted a number of months before PewDiePie eventually lost his status as the most subscribed channel on the Goolge-owned video sharing platform.

PewDiePie himself seemed delighted that Dr. Phil was able to collaborate on the project, excitedly clapping his hands and exclaiming: “Yay, it finally happened!” 

Meme Review and celebrity hosts

This wouldn’t be the first celebrity guest PewDiePie has featured on “Meme Review,” by far: in fact, political commentator Ben Shapiro hosted the show in November 2018, after similar jokes were made in regards to his appearance on the segment.

Tech millionaire and Tesla CEO Elon Musk likewise appeared on “Meme Review” in February 2019, co-starring with “Rick and Morty” co-creator Justin Roiland in a gut-busting segment that quickly went viral across the internet.

However, not every celebrity guest that PewDiePie asked for has been able to host the show: American rapper Tekashi69 was unfortunately unable to appear on “Meme Review” in 2018 due to his highly-publicized prison time.

PewDiePie’s hunt for 100 million YouTube subs

PewDiePie’s latest star-studded “Meme Review” episode follows on from him finally breaking the 99 million subscribers mark in mid-August, which takes him one step closer to his lofty goal of 100 million subscribers in wake of his viral success with Minecraft content.

With Pewds’ continued success on YouTube with just about anything he chooses to post, it seems only a matter of time before the Swedish superstar becomes the first YouTuber to break the incredible 100 million subscribers mark. The fact that the only channel to have beaten him to that goal is T-Series, a massive corporation that posts multiple videos each day, only makes his achievement more impressive.