Megan Fox removes MGK from her Instagram, quotes Beyoncé lyrics about cheating

Megan Fox removes Machine Gun Kelly from IG and quotes Beyonce song about cheatingINSTAGRAM: meganfox / machinegunkelly

Megan Fox has sparked breakup rumours after deleting Instagram photos with Machine Gun Kelly, and quoting a Beyoncé song about cheating.

The actress hinted she’s split from her fiancé, when she removed all traces of him from Instagram, and uploaded a post with a cryptic caption.

“You can taste the dishonesty/ it’s all over your breath,” Megan wrote in the caption, quoting the lyrics from Beyoncé’s track ‘Pray You Catch Me’ about her husband Jay-Z’s affair.

The post included photos of herself posing in a skimpy black outfit, while joined by a male pal. There is also a video of an envelope being burned in a fire pit.

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Moreover, fans noticed that Megan unfollowed Machine Gun Kelly, and she’s now following Eminem, who’s publicly feuded with the musician for years. MGK, however, still has photos of the actress on his Instagram page.

Megan Fox Instagram postINSTAGRAM: meganfox

In the comment section, fans speculated that Megan removing all photos of the musician from her Instagram profile is a sign that the couple may have split.

“Letter burning in a cauldron, it’s a wrap for you baby,” one wrote.

“Sending love. Going through a break up is already hard, I’m sure it’s 10 times harder doing it in the public eye,” another added.

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Others thought the ‘Emo Girl’ rapper might have cheated on her, due to the cryptic caption.

“If he cheated he is CANCELED. How could you possibly even fathom doing this to her?!” one commented.

“Bro she just followed Eminem. This is war some sh*t went down,” another shared.

“Lyrics off the Lemonade album after she found out about Jay-Z cheating I’m SCREAMING,” a third wrote.

The pair were last seen together at Drake’s Super Bowl party, just hours before the actress’ shock post. Thus far, neither Megan or MGK have responded to the speculations.