McDonald’s employee throws drink at woman asking for extra sauce in wild TikTok

mcdonald's employee throws drink at customerTikTok/kaileighhm

A TikToker’s outrageous argument with a McDonald’s employee about not getting any sauce resulted in her getting a drink thrown at her, but users think there is more to the story.

There have been countless TikToks involving McDonald’s drive-thru shenanigans, sometimes even with car crashes, but one woman is going viral for how an employee supposedly behaved.

In a clip sparking debate on the platform, TikToker ‘kaileighhm’ was at a McDonald’s drive-thru asking about getting some sauce when a worker opened the window with a drink in her hand.

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“So, I can’t have sauce?” she asked the employee. “Oh yeah, you’re going to throw water on me?”

In an instant, the employee tossed the ice-filled cup at the woman, prompting her to give a thumbs up and suggest she would be calling the cops on her.

“Who’s calling the cops now? Because I asked for some sauce?!” she exclaimed.

Although the video abruptly ended there with the employee going into the back, users were left with more questions than answers.

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TikTok baffled after McDonald’s worker throws drink at woman

In the comments, users began wondering what had happened leading up to this confrontation while others demanded that McDonald’s fire the woman for her actions.

“Let’s see the video before it showed only one side,” one remarked.

“I’m sure there is more to the story,” said another.

tiktok commentsTikTok
Many TikTokers took the side of the woman wanting sauce.

However, plenty of commenters took the side of the TikToker, praising her for remaining calm while some even said they would have broken the drive-thru window in response.

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It’s not clear where this video was filmed what kind of sauce was requested or if McDonald’s will be taking action, but this is just the latest in a wild number of dramatic drive-thru disasters that have taken the app by storm.

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