TikToker sparks outrage after clash with McDonald’s drive-thru employee over breakfast

TikToker Dubb772 sparks debate after mcdonalds would only serve drinksTikTok: Dubb772/McDonald's

TikToker Dubb772 uploaded a video showing a McDonald’s drive-thru that would only serve drinks, sparking a debate in the comments.

When it comes to sharing fast food experiences on TikTok, McDonald’s is by far the most popular restaurant people share stories from.

Examples are the viral “travel fries” food hack, as well as the McDonald’s worker that gained popularity after raging at an “entitled” customer.

Kaleb, a TikToker who goes by the name dubb772, is the latest creator to go viral with an experience at McDonald’s after uploading a video revealing the restaurant would only serve drinks.

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TikToker sparks debate after McDonald’s wouldn’t serve food

Uploaded in August, Dubb772’s video showing his interaction with the McDonald’s drive-thru worker has received nearly 300,000 views since going viral.

“McDonald’s got me fu*ked up,” the video says. As it starts playing, you can hear the McDonald’s employee: “Right at the moment we are only serving drinks, is there anything I can get for you?”

“Come on man, that ain’t right….how y’all only serving drinks though,” the TikToker replied. The worker went on to explain that they are getting ready for breakfast, and are cleaning the stations.

Kaleb went on to ask if he could get an apple pie or an egg, prompting the worker to explain the situation again.

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The video quickly sparked a debate, as viewers flooded the comments with their thoughts. Many users mentioned that McDonald’s has to do their cleaning sometime, others called Kaleb a “Karen” for getting an attitude with the worker.

One user replied: “So many people don’t understand that almost all the machines at restaurants take 30 minutes to 2 hours to clean. The fryer probably takes 3 cleaning cycles.”

“You’re a Karen,” another viewer commented.

A third user said: “Why people gotta argue bro, just drive off.”