Markiplier supports actors strikes and jokes he’s going ‘on strike’ against himself

Christy Mathew

YouTuber Markiplier has showcased his support in a livestream where he stood in solidarity with the actors and writers who are on strike.

Mark Fishbach, more widely known as Markiplier, shared his support for the strikes with 35 million followers – while his own movie Iron Lung is in production.

The one-hour-long live stream of the influencer revealed he is on strike as well. “I’m on strike, apparently,” he said and continued, “I’m walking out on my work, I’m not taking this anymore until my boss treats me with the respect I deserve.”

However, Mark was joking, as he is self-employed and even his movie is part of his own production, clarifying that he is merely poking fun at the situation but stands firm with the actors and writers.

Markiplier backs strikes

The YouTuber revealed he was a member of the SAG-AFTRA as he used to appear in union productions. Although he was in support of the strike, he revealed his confusion about how his own strike would work.

He said “I’m all for the strike,” while talking about the new practices recommended for the Hollywood industry where they would use AI for free in the place of extras. However, he continued, “I don’t know who I take it to.”

“I don’t know who I’m going to, I don’t know where I picket, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do,” he continued. “Am I even allowed to stream? I don’t even know what I’m doing.”

He revealed how this was a defining moment for the industry to modify rules about burgeoning concerns. However, he also admitted his main priority is to get his horror game-inspired movie adaptation to his fans.

Mark says he will continue his production

The content creator shared, “It’s not like there’s a production company making my movie, it’s just me. So I don’t know. Do I strike against myself? I don’t know what to do.”

Markiplier admitted to not knowing how to go about things but has assumed that he can continue working on his project.

“I think I’m fine editing it, I don’t think there’s any problem with that,” he said. “And I’m fine making it because I funded it. Unless I’m striking against myself, I’ve really got nothing to object against.”

He also shared that this is confusing to him and he is unsure if anybody is paying any attention to what he chooses to do.

The influencer added, “Hollywood in general barely gives me the time of day, let alone probably care.” He was referring to the “awkward” encounters he has had with the mainstream entertainment industry as he gets ignored on red carpet events.

Markiplier addresses Anthony Mackie’s comments

Fishbach also discussed his opinion on actor Anthony Mackie’s comments in June where people thought he was looking down at internet celebrities.

“It’s a sh*t show if we go on strike,” Mackie revealed while adding that producers will have to come to an agreement. “They’re going to have to. Unless they get a bunch of fucking YouTubers to make Avengers 5!”

Although Mark still stood by the actors and writers in this strike, he shared his thoughts, “Hey, hold on a second, what did we do to you? What did we ever do to you?”

The influencer added that the actor might have had good intentions and that all YouTubers aren’t “jerks”. He said, “I think I’m kind of nice sometimes.”