Markiplier makes one final condition before making an OnlyFans account

Markiplier has responded to his fans after they shattered the goals set by him, requiring the YouTube star to now make an OnlyFans.

The popular YouTuber recently revealed his intentions to create an OnlyFans, but only if certain conditions were met. In a video on October 17, the 33-year-old explained that following his wildly successful nude calendar in 2018, he’s open to doing an OnlyFans where all the revenue will go to charity.

Laying out his conditions, the popular YouTuber asked his fans to ensure his Distractible podcast reaches number one on both the Apple and Spotify charts. Furthermore, Markiplier demanded that his fans get his second podcast, Go! My Favorite Sports Team, to the top of the sports charts.

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After just a couple of days, his community has smashed both goals.

Markiplier provides OnlyFans update after viewers smash targets

In an October 22 video, the YouTuber first commended his community, before getting a bit serious.

“You guys beat Joe Rogan, which is unexpected, especially in 3 days,” he said. “That was surprising and I’m not going to dwell on how desperate some of you may be and I’m just going to say congratulations,” Markiplier added. “However, some of you may have celebrated a little early.”

While his fans were successful in getting both of his podcasts to number one on Spotify, his community fell short when it came to Apple. Noting that the Distractible podcast is sixth on the charts, the YouTuber gave a final ultimatum.

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In order for him to release his OnlyFans, his community will need to come together and watch his brand-new documentary ‘Markiplier from North Korea,’ based on the story his own mother wrote.

Set for release on November 13, the documentary will tell the story of his mother. “Momiplier and Markiplier adventure all the way to North Korea to discover the truth of their origins and a decision that impacted the family for generations to come,” the documentary description read.

The YouTuber explained how he and a team traveled to Korea to film the documentary, where he even learned Korean to be able to communicate with his family.

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Markiplier once again promised that if fans sign-up and watch the documentary, he’ll ultimately release his OnlyFans, though it’s unclear what content he’ll actually put on the adult site.