Managers fight each other in car dealership lobby and customers absolutely love it

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A couple of managers at a Toyota car dealership in California are going viral after they got into a fistfight in the lobby.

When you go to a car dealership, you’re probably expecting to be bombarded with up-sells, cheap coffee, and balloons – but a couple of employees provided customers with some major entertainment, instead.

Over the years, we’ve seen plenty of fights take place outside of gas stations, in restaurants, and even on planes, but who would have thought that a Toyota dealership would transform into a WWE match?

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In a video going viral on social media, a woman filmed the moment where things got overly heated between two managers and they started duking it out in the lobby of the dealership.

Managers fight in viral car dealership brawl

Uploaded to Twitter by user ‘l0veleahh,’ the customer explained that she went to a Toyota dealership and saw employees start scrapping.

You can see in the video that the melee began with a chair being thrown – similar to the infamous Waffle House war – and then a man came running in with a big punch.

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The encounter continued with more men joining the fray, as one got knocked down in a vulgar display of power before being put in a headlock and getting hammered with some additional blows.

Eventually, the groups were broken apart, but the brouhaha continued with both sides yelling at each other, much to the confusion of customers.

According to the woman who uploaded the clip, this wasn’t even the first fight she saw, indicating that there was a major civil war going on at that particular dealership. She also wrote that the general sales manager was battling the sales manager, but has no idea what started the brawl.

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In the comments, however, users were impressed with the fisticuffs and would love to see the same action when they’re in the market for a car.

“This is great. If I have to wait 4 hours to buy a car, at least entertain me like this,” a viewer said.

“Next Toyota sales event Royal Rumble – ‘We’ll fight for your business,’” someone else joked.

Hey, if that’s what it’ll take to sell cars, all power to them. Toyota may just want to talk to the WWE before they use the name Royal Rumble in the proposed event, though.

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