Man slammed by TikTok after making wife cry with ‘brutal’ prank at son’s birthday party

Kawter Abed
Husband smashing birthday cake onto his wife's face

A man is facing backlash on TikTok after leaving his wife in tears with a ‘cruel’ prank at their son’s birthday party.

Content creator Candie (candie1983) shared the moment her husband decided to pull a prank on her after their one-year-old son failed to tear into his birthday cake. However, his joke didn’t go down well, as it left her wanting to “choke” him.

In the viral clip, which has amassed 6.4 million views, the couple were seen standing behind their child’s high chair ready to sing happy birthday to him.

“Just give him the cake,” Candie’s husband can be heard asserting, before the cake was put down. Family members then began singing, and the little one was encouraged to “smash” his cake.

However, the one-year-old was not interested in taking part, prompting the husband to take the sponge cake and smash it onto his wife’s face.

“The time I wanted to choke my husband for putting our son’s smash cake in my face, surrounded my family I had just met for the first time,” Candie wrote in the caption. “I cried like a baby.”

TikTok users in the comments were horrified by what they saw, and slammed the husband for his behavior.

“I will never understand people who find humor in publicly humiliating their spouses,” one user wrote. “I get weird vibes from him. Your feelings are 100% valid, I’m sorry,” another said.

“Yes, I would’ve been mortified, hurt and embarrassed as well. Some people lack empathy,” a third commented. “That man wanted the attention on him,” another added.

Others urged the mom to get a divorce, and told her to notice the “red flags” and “run.”

Candie has since defended her husband in a follow-up clip. The TikToker explained that the situation happened a year ago, assuring viewers that she can now laugh about it and has accepted that it “sucked.”

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