Man left shocked as yard randomly catches fire while filming video

Dylan Horetski
TikTok Stangry5.0

A car influencer on TikTok was filming a video about a new part he got for his car when he realized his backyard randomly caught on fire, leading to the fire department being called.

In more rural parts of the country, it’s common for homeowners to burn leaves and sticks in a pile in their backyard.

TikToker Parker Jones and his dad do just that, but unfortunately the size of the pile got a bit out of hand.

While filming a video about one of his new car parts, Parker was interrupted when his dad’s attempt to burn off part of the pile set the backyard and fence on fire.

TikToker shocked after yard catches fire while filming

Uploaded on March 8, 2023, the video from Parker briefly shows the new part he got for his mustang ‘stangry’ before it pans over to the fire in his back yard.

“I was making a TikTok on my new driveshaft when the backyard caught on fire,” he said.

The 25 second clip then shows Parker attempting to put out the fire with a hose before the fire department eventually showed up.

Just a day later, Jones posted an update revealing all the damage caused by the rogue fire.

He showed the damage to the grass, two different areas of fence, and his neighbors yard. “We owe the neighbors some yard work now,” he said.

Luckily nobody dealing with the fire was hurt, and fans of the car influencer are already back to talking about the new part Parker’s going to be putting in his ever-popular Mustang.

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