TikToker goes viral after discovering mysterious black smoke is actually human remains

Filip Krawanski
Black smoke towering over a town in viral TikTok

A man filmed himself and his friend investigating the source of a mysterious black smoke, expecting a fire, but the true source of the smoke left them in shock.

TikTok video from the optik_tha_rapper account went viral. In it, the owner of the account and his friend can be seen investigating the source of thick, black smoke rising into the sky in the middle of town.

The caption on the video reads: “My boy and I thought there was a fire down the street from where we were visiting but then we discovered the truth” as the footage shows them driving towards a huge pillar of black smoke rising over the buildings.

As the people from the footage drive closer to the source they notice the smoke is coming from a chimney, at which point the person recording asks “what the hell are they making in there?”

The driver notices the sign in front of the building and points out it was a local cremation society.

Friends discover ominous smoke came from a cremation society

The person filming the video exclaims “that’s people” upon finding out the true nature of the black smoke. TikTok users flocked to the comment section to share their reactions to the viral video.

A lot of comments are simply quoting the admittedly funny way the person recording reacted to the source of the smoke.

While some other users point out that it’s very unusual for centers dealing with cremation services to produce such thick, black smoke in the middle of a populated area.

“I’m sure they are supposed to have filters on that,” comments one user. While another adds: “Didn’t realize they could have those so close to residential areas.”

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