Madison Beer allegedly deletes bikini video over backlash for showing off body

madison beer allegedly deletes bikini video after negative commentsInstagram: madisonbeer

TikTok star and singer-songwriter Madison Beer ended up deleting a video showing off her bikini body after commenters hit back at her due to purported body image issues.

Madison Beer is a fairly popular influencer and music artist, known for such songs as ‘BoySh*t’ and ‘Showed Me.’

Despite her large online following — boasting over 18 million followers on TikTok and over 36 million on Instagram — Beer is often an object of criticism for netizens and has come under fire multiple times in the past over a variety of issues.

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One of the most notable criticisms against her is that some fans believe she’s received plastic surgery and hasn’t been honest about the procedures she’s gotten — an issue she lashed out at in a heated Twitter thread back in 2021.

Now, Beer is coming under scrutiny once again after deciding to show off her bikini body in a controversial video that she ultimately deleted.

Madison Beer comes under fire for bikini video

In the short clip, Beer sports a black bikini that highlights her abs and hourglass figure. However, it looks like the singer ended up deleting her video after receiving negative comments.

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madison-beer-deleted-bikini-video-backlashYouTube: Arcdelio
Madison Beer posed in a bikini in a now-deleted video.

One comment in particular seemed to take aim at Beer for promoting an unrealistic body image for her female fans.

“And this is the reason as to why I and so many other women hate ourselves and our bodies!” one user allegedly responded to the video. “Madison Beer, do better! I know you are a good person! But you know that you have a lot of young girls comparing themselves to you! I thought you were better and different from this! SMH.”

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madison beer commenter 1YouTube: Arcdelio
A commenter allegedly hit out at Madison Beer’s deleted video, claiming she was harming her fans’ self-image.

It looks as though both Beer’s video and the commenter’s post have been deleted from social media — but not before getting clipped and screenshotted, as told by YouTuber ‘Arcdelio.’

As previously mentioned, this isn’t the first time Beer has come under fire for her looks. In 2020, the singer claimed she’d gotten lip fillers when she was younger in a pointed video after being accused of lying about undergoing plastic surgery.

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