Ludwig’s fan-made mosaic rivals Reddit’s Place as internet’s best work of art

Shay Robson

YouTube streaming star Ludwig has revealed the completed mosaic made collectively by his fans in less than 24 hours that will be his channel banner for a whole year.

One pixel at a time, fans of the popular 27-year-old streamer banded together to complete a mosaic that will be featured as his channel banner on YouTube for the next year.

Inspired by Reddit’s r/place, a blank canvas where users can place one pixel of color every few minutes, Ludwig’s our/place as named by his fans went on for a full 24 hours, where YouTuber’s community worked together to build designs paying tribute to his various projects over the years.

Fans managed to work together and build designs inspired by memorable moments he’s made while live streaming. Ludwig’s podcast logo, as well as the Mogul Money logo were among the many drawings built.

Invading trolls attempted to destroy designs built by Ludwig’s viewers by painting new pixels over them. However, the community managed to hold their own, and in the end, the finished mosaic features everything from country flags, to various memes and characters from games, TV shows and movies.

Fans even managed to draw Ludwig’s new kitten coots on the mosaic, and of course, they also had their fun trolling the streamer by drawing the Twitch logo – referencing his move from the platform after signing an exclusive deal with YouTube last year.

Contributors also paid their respects to Minecraft YouTube Technoblade — who passed away from cancer in June — by building the YouTuber’s famous in-game skin and diamond sword.

The final product is certainly a work of art, and for the next year will be seen constantly on Ludwig’s YouTube, featuring as the channel’s banner.