Ludwig’s Twitch mods receive six-figure paycheck after 31-day subathon

Andrew Amos
Ludwig Twitch subathon has finally come to an end.Twitch: Ludwig

Twitch sensation Ludwig Ahgren promised to pay his mods $5,000 a day to keep his chat clean (and entertained) across his 31-day subathon. However, the final payroll is a bit more than $155,000, with the streamer paying his staff almost $170,000 for the month-long gig.

Paid Twitch mods are few and far between on the platform. Some streamers are vocal in paying their moderators, who clean up chat and run things behind the scenes every day. Some mods are an integral part of the community, almost as big as the streamer themselves.

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So when Ludwig needed to call on his team of 17 moderators to pull big shifts for the subathon, he splashed big cash to make it happen.

Ludwig Twitch stream subathon finally ends after 30 days.Twitch: Ludwig
Ludwig signed off his subathon on April 13 after smashing Twitch records.

He promised his moderators $5,000 a day ⁠— far more than what Ludwig was going to take home himself after donating most of his subathon earnings to charity, or paying taxes on it.

That’s $155,000 split 17 ways, but Ludwig actually went a bit bigger. Moderator ‘slime’ confirmed as much, with the “mod payroll” for the 31 days reportedly totalling $167,000 USD.

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That’s almost $10,000 per Ludwig mod, on average ⁠— $9,823, to be precise.

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Ludwig’s moderators did more than just look at chat and ban any trolls during his Twitch subathon.

They entertained viewers after Ludwig went to bed in his little red racecar, playing party games between each other and with chat for hours.

This payment could set a precedent for streamers who pull big hauls in the future. With Ludwig smashing through Ninja’s subscriber record during the subathon, bigger streamers might be on notice to follow in his steps and pay their own moderators.

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It doesn’t have to be as much as Ludwig’s $5k a day promise, but for the people who clean up chat as volunteers, it’s no chump change.

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