Ludwig reveals he lost sponsor due to leaked video

Ludwig Youtube headerYouTube: Cold Ones

Popular streamer Ludwig Ahgren revealed that he lost one of his sponsors due to a leaked video from Patreon that showed a little too much skin.

Ludwig Ahgren is one of the internet’s most popular entertainers. Best known for his elaborate live events and record-breaking subathon, he’s gone on to acquire an exclusive contract with YouTube and has built up a positive (if a bit chaotic) reputation for himself.

Recently, Ahgren appeared on an episode of the Cold Ones podcast, where he got a bit tipsy during the conversation — so much so that he felt like letting loose and giving a certain body part a bit of hang time.

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This part of the podcast wasn’t available on YouTube, and was exclusively available for the Cold Ones Patreon viewers.

However, some wires got crossed when the show’s editor asked Ludwig if he wanted this bit censored, and instead, the uncensored version got uploaded to the platform by mistake. (The editor has since apologized, and Ludwig has clarified that all is well between them.)

Unfortunately, someone leaked the footage online, and soon the incident became the talk of the town. The influencer woke up a few days later to his body parts being discussed on Twitter, leaving him feeling a tad uncomfortable.

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“I think b***s are funny, but I have had privilege for the entirety of my steaming career of being a guy,” he said. “I experienced in a very small way what it must be like to be a woman, because I don’t want my b******k to be sexualized.”

Ludwig claims he lost sponsor over Patreon leak

That’s not all; Ludwig also revealed that he’d actually lost a sponsor over the debacle.

“I will say, I did lose a sponsor because my n**s got out,” he admitted. “A sponsor did back out of a deal because they saw that my n**s were leaked, and now they’re out. So that’s a little bit of an L.”

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As Ludwig noted himself, it’s no picnic for streamers when these kinds of situations happen, despite his positive outlook on the ordeal. Most recently, Alinity discussed how her own on-stream wardrobe mishap led her into a severely negative headspace due to the massive amount of backlash she received over the incident.