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Ludwig confirms QTCinderella hospitalised after abruptly ending stream

Published: 9/Nov/2021 10:56

by Calum Patterson


Twitch streamer Ludwig has provided an update on his partner QTCinderella, after she ran “full speed” into a glass door, causing a concussion.

Fans were concerned on stream when QT suddenly entered Ludwig’s room, seemingly in pain and clutching her face. Ludwig quickly went to see what the problem was, before ending his stream abruptly.

“QT just hurt her nose,” Ludwig explained at first. “Don’t worry, nothing to be too alarmed by. Just going to make sure she’s ok.”

And Ludwig also had to step in to shut down QT’s own stream, which she had left online after heading out and then hurting herself in the accident. “She’ll be back, we’re just going to make sure she’s good.”


What happened to QTCinderella?

With fans concerned about QT’s injury, Ludwig later updated them that she had been taken to the emergency room for treatment.

“Ended stream early to take QT to the ER… she ran full speed into a glass door LOL,” Ludwig explained.

He also included an image of the guilty door itself, complete with what appears to be the mark of impact.

Thankfully, the injuries sustained weren’t too serious, but QT did have a “mild” concussion, as well as the injury to her nose, but it’s not broken.

QT was also in good spirits, joking that it was 1-0 the glass door.


With no major injuries, bot QT and Ludwig should be back to their regular streaming schedules soon.

QT will no doubt give an explanation of exactly what happened in her unfortunate battle with the glass door when she’s next live.