How to get your 2021 Twitch Recap


Twitch Recaps are back for 2021, providing both streamers and viewers a complete summary of their viewing habits, and how they engaged with the platform. However, a couple of extra steps might be required to get your Twitch Recap.

The Twitch Recap will tell you things like who you watched most, which emotes you used most, how many messages you sent, and more. For streamers, there will be stats for their followers, viewership, and other growth metrics.

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The Twitch Recap is similar to what music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music provide for their users, giving a breakdown of who you listened to most.

Whether you are a streamer or just a chat lurker, here’s how to get your very own Twitch Recap for 2021.

Twitch recapsTwitter: Leckey__ / Eboncloak
There are different recaps for streamers and viewers.

How to get Twitch Recap (2021)

The recaps are sent out by email to whatever email address is used for your Twitch account. However, if you haven’t got your email yet, it could be for a couple of reasons.

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Twitch confirmed on December 15 that Twitch Recaps would be sent out soon, but they may not all come at once, so yours might be delivered later than others.

The other reason could be your personal Twitch email preferences, which you may need to update.

How to receive Twitch Recap email

  1. Log in to Twitch
  2. Go to settings, then the Notifications tab
  3. Under “By Email,” scroll to the bottom of the list
  4. Enable ‘Marketing’ emails
  5. You should receive your Twitch Recap when it is ready

Twitch Recap email settings

Streamer or Viewer recap?

Another issue that some users have found is that they are sent a viewer recap instead of a streamer recap, or the other way round.

It is unclear if Twitch will send two emails if you are both a streamer and a viewer, or simply choose one. Some have also speculated that only streamers that are Twitch affiliates or partners will get the streamer recap.

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You may also want to check your spam folder, just in case your email provider has flagged the Twitch email as unwanted junk!

Missed your Twitch Recap for 2021?

If you haven’t got your recap for this year, Twitch says they can’t be issued retroactively, so you’re out of luck. But not completely.

There are alternatives, such as Streams Charts Recap, which provides even more insights than just the regular streamer recap. It’s really only intended for broadcasters though.

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Streams Charts Twitch RecapStreams Charts
The Streams Charts recap provides an alternative if you missed the official recap from Twitch.

You will get metrics such as total hours watched, peak viewership and your overall Twitch rank, also specifically for your language. You will also be able to check out and download your most popular clips of the year.

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