Ludwig baits viewers amid xQc breakup drama in latest Mogul Mail video

Shay Robson

YouTube streamer Ludwig has baited his viewers with a satire YouTube video giving his thoughts xQc’s breakup drama.

xQc has been caught up in a bit of drama recently for “bailing” on QTCinderella’s Sh*tcamp 2022 event. Originally opting not to speak on the situation, the Twitch star eventually opened up on why he didn’t turn up to the event.

As it turns out, he couldn’t make it due to family drama. xQc admitted that he had to choose either between his relationship and his family, which ultimately put an end to his relationship with his girlfriend Adept.

From there on, the situation spiraled well out of control as the two clashed and argued on stream, where his now ex-girlfriend criticized him for the lack of privacy and being manipulative.

Many streamers across the platform have reacted to the drama – adding in their own opinion. Similiarly, YouTuber Ludwig decided to do the same with a new video.

Ludwig baits fans with satire drama reaction video

Late on September 17, Ludwig went live on YouTube, where he briefly talked a bit about the recent streaming drama. The YouTuber noted xQc’s breakup, where instead of talking about it on stream, he revealed he actually made an entire video about the situation on his Mogul Mail channel.

Ludwig announced he was going to premiere the video and direct his thousand of viewers to watch it as he ended his stream.

Perfectly titled ‘How xQc Became the Most Hated Streamer on Twitch, the video started like any other, with a quick intro explaining some context: “Today’s video is something I hoped that I wouldn’t have to make. I was hoping to avoid the drama entirely, but I kinda got dragged into it,” Ludwig admitted.

“I feel like I’ve got decent insight, so I thought I’d make this video – just a quick one to talk about it,” he added. The YouTuber then pulled a clip from xQc where the Twitch star spoke highly of Ludwig. Only for him to then play the classic Rick Astley “Never Gonna Give You Up” song — completely throwing off his viewers.

“I’m not talking about this drama,” he said with a chuckle. “You thought I was actually gonna make a video? Cmon, me? It’s a weekend man I’m chilling this weekend. Hey subscribe!

Fans were left absolutely puzzled, yet in hysterics by the short video, with many heading to the comments to play along with the joke.

“The way he eloquently prosed his words to convey all the emotions expressed by all parties, my god this man is a genius,” one viewer wrote. “Honestly one of the best videos explaining drama on this site I have ever seen,” another added.

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