Love Island fans have big suspicion as Tanya’s head turns in Casa Amor

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Love Island viewers have been very open about Tanya possibly turning her head with Casa Amor’s new boy, Martin Akinola.

Following tonight’s episode, Tanya was very vocal about having a “connection” with Martin and Twitter users went wild as they speculated whether Tanya’s head has already turned, with many already predicting that she will bring Martin back to the main villa.

After sharing a bed together on the first night and kissing him in bed on tonight’s episode, Tanya gushed over him as she admitted to the girls that she wanted to see “what’s there.”

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Shaq Muhammed, whom Tanya has been coupled up with from the main villa from day one, revealed to the boys that he would be “heartbroken” if Tanya came back to the main villa with a new guy.

Love Island fans react after Tanya’s head turns for Martin

Love Island fans were originally surprised by Tanya’s interest in Shaq after the couple had previously said that they loved each other, while others gushed over her chemistry with Martin.

She had spoken openly about how some of his behavior has started to give her the “ick” following a row on Friday night.

Needless to say, viewers had a lot to say about her head turning for Martin over on Twitter.

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One said: “Why do I feel like Shaq is in for heartbreak tomorrow 😖 #loveisland.”

Another user said: “Me, watching Tanya tell Shaq she loves him last week and now her heads turned in 2 days.”

On Friday, the Love Island housemates will have to decide if they want to couple up with a new bombshell or stick with their original partner, but they won’t know if their partner has chosen to do the same until everyone is back in the main villa.