Love is Blind’s Micah and Irina get labeled “Mean Girls” by fans

Josh Tyler
Love Is Blind's Irina and Micah

Both Micah and Irina are getting blasted by Love is Blind viewers for their treatment of their partners and other contestants.

While the premise of Love is Blind is supposed to make for longer-lasting connections between partners, who match and propose solely based on personality and not looks, it also is the perfect recipe for dramatic reveals.

It’s not uncommon for contestants to finally meet their fiancée for the first time and not love what they see, or even to begin to pine after other contestants who are already matched up once they get on the outside.

After the first five episodes were released on March 24, two contestants – Micah Lussier and Irina Solomonova – were immediately targeted as the villains of Love is Blind Season 4. Warning: spoilers for the first five episodes of Love is Blind Season 4 to follow.

Love is Blind fans label Micah and Irina “Mean Girls”

The hatred from fans was largely due to a love triangle between Irina, fellow cast member Bliss Poureetezadi, and love interest Zack Goytowski. The two had a fairly contentious relationship due to their interest in Zack, who ultimately chose Irina.

For Micah’s part, she and Irina were actually also in a love triangle with Micah’s current fiancée Paul Peden, but the two were good friends on the show and Micah often took Irina’s side.

As a result, fans have consistently compared the two to the Mean Girls characters Regina George and Gretchen Weiners online.

Fans point out several instances where the pair appears to take pleasure in the demise of other contestants’ relationships.

“First impressions were not great. I was shocked at how Micah was after Paul broke up with Amber- it was disgusting behavior,” one person commented.

Another agreed “[S]he couldn’t hide the glee. Not sure if her or Irina’s reaction was worse.”

But fans also noted that it wasn’t just the other girls on the show the two treated terribly, but their own partners as well.

“These girls are trying to flirt with other engaged men during the pool party,” one said with disgust.

“[A]ssume these two guys are going to be regretting their choices. These ladies are absolute nightmares,” another wrote, referring to Zack and Paul.

It definitely seems that Irina and Micah’s actions on Love is Blind have not endeared them to fans, making them some of the least-popular contestants in a while. As one commenter succinctly put it: “Don’t insult Regina and Gretchen like that, they’re steps ABOVE Micah and Irina.”

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