Los Angeles mural depicting Logan Paul’s infamous ‘Suicide Forest’ video stirs controversy

Logan Paul, YouTube

A mural painted in Echo Park, Los Angeles, depicts popular YouTuber Logan Paul hanging from a noose – likely in reference to his divisive vlog in Japan’s ‘Aokigahara’ Suicide Forest.

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While the mural appears to have been created in late January, the artwork continues to stir up controversy in mid-February, with some Echo Park residents feeling that the mural represents an anti-LGBTQ+ message.

Although the mural clearly depicts Paul in his outfit taken during the offending vlog from early 2018, one local citizen noted that his jacket features a rainbow – which they interpreted to be the LGBTQ+ flag.

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“I immediately knew what it was for because I saw the pride flag on his shirt, so I immediately knew it was directed at LGBT community and that was heartbreaking,” resident Buffy Winkler said of the piece.

However, others across the internet have noted that the mural obviously represents Paul, with even the likes of news YouTuber Philip DeFranco expressing confusion at claims to the contrary.

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“I just don’t think that it makes sense, given the blatantly obvious evidence with this situation for there to be any water given to the argument that this is an attack on the LGBT community,” DeFranco argued.

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The implementation of the mural likewise follows Paul’s divisive comments on the LGBT community, where he claimed that he would be “going gay” for the month of March as part of his New Year’s resolution.

Paul has yet to comment on the mural, and Los Angeles police have yet to receive any reports against the art.

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