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Logan Paul faces backlash after announcing he’s “going gay” for the New Year

Published: 11/Jan/2019 20:02 Updated: 11/Jan/2019 20:35

by Virginia Glaze


Popular YouTuber Logan Paul has found himself at the center of yet another controversy, after announcing his intentions to “go gay” as part of his New Year’s resolution.

Paul announced the development in an episode of his ‘imPaulsive’ podcast on January 9, where he explained that his New Year’s resolutions occur on a month-by-month basis.

Both Paul and his buddy Mike ‘Hey Big Mike’ Majlak are tag-teaming their goals, with the two taking on a vegan and alcohol-free diet for the month of January. However, the duo is tackling a completely different challenge for the entirety of March, which Paul dubbed ‘Male Only March.’

“So, it’s ‘Male Only March,’” Paul said of their plan. “We’re gonna attempt to go gay for just one month.”

Paul has since received a wave of backlash after outlining his inititative, with users sounding off across the Twitterverse in outrage.

“Obviously to Logan Paul, being gay is some sort of punchline to a joke.” U.S. Air Force veteran and author Josh Seefried said of the debacle. “Make sure to tell that to youth that kill themselves because they struggle with being gay. Shame on him once again.”

“I can’t believe Logan Paul is going to be ‘gay for a month’ like it’s some sort of trend,” another user wrote. “I’m disgusted.”

The controversy comes nearly a year after his highly criticized vlog in Japan’s Aokigahara ‘Suicide Forest,’ where he filmed the body of a suicide victim during a trip to the island nation in early 2018.

Paul has yet to respond on the concern surrounding his resolution.


Lando Norris criticized for “disrespectful” apology to Lewis Hamilton

Published: 27/Oct/2020 11:07 Updated: 27/Oct/2020 11:11

by Kieran Bicknell


McLaren F1 driver, Twitch streamer, and all-round good guy Lando Norris has been in the news for his controversial comments towards fellow drivers. However, it seems that some fans aren’t accepting any sort of apology for the matter after he posted on Twitter.

While McLaren F1 driver Lando Norris is generally seen as one of the breakout personalities on the 2020 F1 grid, he doesn’t always get it right 100% of the time. He’s also had a number of issues off-grid too, being forced to shut down a Twitch stream by F1 officials during the 2020 Eifel GP.

Having said a number of controversial comments about fellow drivers Lewis Hamilton and Lance Stroll during an interview, he is now facing backlash after issuing an apology on Twitter.

Lando Norris Twitch stream
Twitch: Lando Norris
Lando Norris is also a popular Twitch streamer outside of his F1 career.

Lando Norris lashes out at Hamilton and Stroll

During the Portuguese GP on October 25, 2020, Lewis Hamilton clocked up his record-breaking 92nd win. This exceeded the previous record held by the legendary Michael Schumacher, and Norris didn’t seem all that impressed.

“I’m just happy for him, nothing more; It doesn’t mean anything to me, really. He’s in a car which should win every race, basically,” Norris said following the Portuguese GP. “He has to beat one or two other drivers, that’s it. Fair play to him, he’s still doing the job he has to do.”

Not only did Lando take aim at Hamilton, but also at Lance Stroll following their collision during lap 17 of the Portuguese GP. Bizarrely, Stroll also clashed with Verstappen at the exact same point during Free Practice, which perhaps explains Lando’s comments. According to Lando, he will have to avoid Stroll in future since “he crashes a lot” and “doesn’t learn from anything he does.”

Lando Norris issues Twitter apology to F1 fans

Following the backlash for his comments, Norris took to his Twitter account to issue an apology for his actions, but many are saying he didn’t go far enough.

Unfortunately for Lando, he has faced harsh criticism following his apology message. One Twitter user pointed out he didn’t address his recent issues directly, saying: “You cannot even name Lewis. Shame on you for your inability to be respectful.”

Not only was he deemed to be disrespectful, but was also called out for his own racing performance: “lol [Norris] hasn’t even beaten a teammate in a full season and thinks [that] Hamilton’s achievement are not special” wrote another account.