Loren Gray joins TikTok ‘You Did Not Break Me’ campaign with powerful video

David Purcell
loren gray on tiktok

TikTok star Loren Gray has joined one of the application’s most powerful movements to raise awareness of sexual assault, posting an emotional video with the lyrics ‘You Did Not Break Me.” 

Those lyrics are from Sia’s hit song Elastic Heart, which was released in 2015. The track has made a comeback in 2022 on TikTok, following a post from toleditsx_ back in March, creating a trend called ‘You Did Not Break Me‘.

It has since evolved and become a movement for sexual assault survivors to not just share their stories, but empower others to speak out against their abusers as well.

The movement is 65,000 videos strong at the time of writing. On May 26, it was given another boost as one of the platform’s most-followed accounts joined the campaign – Loren Gray.

tiktok trend you did not break me
The ‘You Did Not Break Me’ trend has over 65,000 videos on TikTok.

Loren Gray posts ‘You Did Not Break Me’ TikTok

Loren Gray is an American model, singer, and social media influencer who has over 54 million followers on her TikTok account. 

Back in May 2020, Gray opened up about her experience of being sexually assaulted at 12 years of age, stating: “I had my innocence stolen from me in the basement of someone I trusted,” as seen in a report from People.

“I struggled to put the pieces together as to why this had happened to me. It took two months for me to finally tell my parents. I felt dirty, hopeless, broken and worthless. I was confused and scared. I felt like it was my fault.”

Two years on, she has responded with strength, posting a video also with Sia’s music in the background. The caption says: “Some days are harder. #saawareness”

The clip starts with the line “Let’s be clear I trust no one…” and proceeds to show a flash of several news articles about her sexual assault.

It then ends with the line “I’m still fighting for peace” and shows a clip of her in tears.

TikTok users support Loren Gray in replies

TikTok star Loren Gray
Before she went public with her experience of sexual assault, Loren Gray confided in just her best friend.

In the article from People, Gray – who was 18 at the time – explained that sharing her story made her stronger.

“I was always afraid to tell people my story, fearing people would view me differently and I would lose those I cared about,” she added. “I’m 18 now and I’ve realized that my past does not define me. It was never my fault and I never deserved it.”

“I came out stronger and I’m so proud of myself… There is light at the end of the tunnel and if my story can help even ONE person, then to me it’s a story worth telling.”

A flood of supportive messages can be seen in the replies to her latest TikTok. One posted: “Stay strong, we are so proud of you,” while another said: “Thank you for sharing your story. You are not alone and never will be. Stay strong!”

A third user posted: “I am so sorry this happened to you. We are all here for you Loren.”

TikTok ‘You Did Not Break Me’ posts

Many others have posted similar content – with one admitting they cried while putting their clip together.



The TikTok campaign is growing every day as users come together to not just share their stories, but shine a light on some of the darkest problems in society.

If you have been affected by this story or been a victim of violence of any kind, there is support available. In the United Kingdom, there are some government-approved helplines to contact, and in the United States, you can use the National Domestic Violence Hotline here.

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