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Logan Paul’s New Diss Track is Filled With Awkward Old Clips of KSI

Published: 23/Aug/2018 2:10 Updated: 23/Aug/2018 2:11

by Albert Petrosyan


It has not taken long for Logan Paul to release his own diss track video in response to the one made by rival YouTuber KSI.

Just five days after KSI released a rap video mocking Logan and his brother Jake, the popular YouTuber has clapped back with his own, which is called ‘Goodbye KSI.’


‘Goodbye KSI’ starts off with Logan receiving a call from Jake, who notifies him of the fact that KSI had released a diss track about him.

The video then cuts to him and his brother rapping about KSI, using strong and harsh comments, words, and insults, all of which predict his doom and demise in their upcoming boxing match.


While KSI’s video featured him tormenting a Logan Paul look-alike, Logan decided to have his diss track feature KSI himself by including various awkward and cringe-worthy clips of him.

Since KSI is really good at diss tracks… I decide to feature him on mine 🙂

The entirety of Logan’s new diss track can be viewed below:

Logan Paul is set to face KSI in a highly anticipated boxing match on August 25 at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, UK. 


The event will also feature Jake fighting against KSI’s brother Deji in one of the seven scheduled under-card fights. 

You can see all of the details about the fight, including start times, how to watch , the full undercard, and more, by visiting our dedicated article here.


Mr Beast destroys brother’s house with “elephant toothpaste” foam prank

Published: 11/Oct/2020 1:37

by Alan Bernal


Mr Beast took a playful science experiment with ‘elephant toothpaste’ and turned it into a monstrous explosion to destroy his brother’s house, with the help of foam master and fellow YouTuber, Mark Rober.

As someone who’s mangled his fair share of houses, Mr Beast is no stranger to the best ways of ruining multiple rooms at once. This time, he targeted his own brother CJ ‘MrBro’ Donaldson, who was in the middle of trashing another house belonging to someone in their crew.


The ‘prank-ception’ was primarily aimed at CJ, seeing as Mr Beast recruited Rober, who had just got done completing world record foam videos himself – which were about to be outdone by Beast’s twisted mind.

After successfully distracting the homeowner, Mr Beast filled CJ’s house with barrels containing a grand total of 500 gallons of Hydrogen peroxide, almost double of Rober’s world-record feat.

Mr Beast YouTube
CJ wasn’t ready for his whole house to be rigged with foam by Mr Beast.

“Yeah, I think windows will get broken,” Rober said, as the entire crew prepared to let the ‘fuse’ rip from a safe distance.

The collective buried gallons of the chemicals throughout the house’s rooms including the living room, his bedroom and bathroom with enough material to really do some damage.

With CJ in tow, Mr Beast put in the call to let the chemical reaction go off, and the ensuing mayhem even surprised the people who formulated the prank.


In mere seconds, every inch of the booby-trapped structure was filled with green foam. Ovens, home decor, and beds all fell victim to the engulfing surge of foam that sprang to life once Rober got the signal.

One of the most enjoyable details of the prank was the steady stream of steam that instantly shot out from the chimney caused by the massive chain reaction of chaos inside.

Once everything settled, CJ and the crew could barely open any of the doors before they were met with a cloudy burst of green sludge that was still developing from inside.


Of course, Mr Beast pranks wouldn’t be complete if it wasn’t immediately followed up by an extravagant gift to make up for it, which came in the form of a new house to replace CJ’s ruined one.

Although, if anything is clear about Mr Beast and his antics, the YouTuber is probably already devising how to ruin his brother’s new house in a more destructive manner.