KSI Releases Footage of Final Boxing Session Before Fight with Logan Paul - Dexerto

KSI Releases Footage of Final Boxing Session Before Fight with Logan Paul

Published: 22/Aug/2018 15:09 Updated: 22/Aug/2018 15:23

by Virginia Glaze


Notable YouTuber, rapper, and white-collar boxer KSI gave fans a look into his training regime just ahead of his hyped grudge match against controversial social media star Logan Paul.

KSI’s training video featured a session with MVP Michael ‘Venom’ Page, an English kickboxer, light heavyweight boxer, and mixed martial artist.

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“It’s not all about power,” Page said to KSI at the start of their session. “It’s about speed.”

Page provided KSI with a light-based training exercise, wherein KSI followed a series of flashing lights and hit them with his hands as quickly as he could to train his reaction time.


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Page then challenged KSI’s claim that he could perform an ‘unlimited amount of chinups.’ Unfortunately, KSI was only able to pull off ten reps before tapping out: Page performed fifteen before calling it quits, with KSI laughingly telling him, “You might be showing off a bit.”

Of course, that was only a warmup; the real session began soon after.

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Page demonstrated a few techniques that he felt would help KSI in his upcoming fight. First, Page went over fundamentals, going over KSI’s movement and jabbing.

He appeared to be quite impressed with KSI’s quick learning and energy, remarking that he should “Calm down,” with a smile.


“I’m just showing you what I’ve got!” KSI responded.

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The two likewise discussed Logan Paul’s boxing style, with Page emphasizing the importance of KSI knowing his opponent. He then set him to the sandbag, where KSI threw out a long series of punches, much to Page’s satisfaction.

“Dead,” Page responded, looking to the camera and making a cutting motion over his neck. “You finished him.”

KSI’s training session showcased his skill and preparation for the approaching match. With a professional MMA fighter so delighted at his progress, fans can expect a strong showing from KSI on August 25th.